Ninny Noodle Noo

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Ninny Noodle Noo
Ninny Noodle Noo
was set up in 2005 and is home to heirloom and high-quality toys, Barefoot Books, organic children’s clothes and toiletries.

Owned by Nikki, the company emphasis is on toys that are European made from wood sourced from sustainable European hardwood forests.

Wooden toys, when made without toxic chemical lacquers are biodegradable, so they are a more environmentally friendly choice. If they break (which, in our experience, they rarely do), they are easier to mend that plastic toys.

Wooden toys might cost more, but I speak from experience when I say that Little Miss Green’s wooden toys are real keepsakes and favourites. Her baby toys look as good as the day they were bought and are nesting in the attic ready for when she has her own children.

Nikki has a lovely range of recycled products. Such as booties made from felted jumpers.

One of her designers, who goes by the wonderful name of Magic Pumpkins & Faerydust, designs and manufactures individual handcrafted faerytale inspired children’s clothes, costumes and toys as well as various textile accessories like hairclips, slip cover notebooks and seasonal decorations.

She tries to source her material locally or within Europe, using mainly vintage and reclaimed fabrics, off cuts (usually used for hairclips), as well as organic fair trade materials. Her intention is to show consumers that it is possible to produce beautiful designs using reclaimed fabrics and materials.

Another designer, Pogglers, makes hand made Waldorf dolls and clothes from recycled materials.

Nikki is passionate about the environment and reuses packaging when sending orders out to customers. Bubble wrap may appear from time to time, but you can be assured that it is reused from supplier’s packaging. Nikki will also use Freecycle to attain any packaging looking for a loving home so that she can give it a new lease of life. Most of Nikki’s suppliers use paper padding and compostable chips and Nikki will reuse this in her own packaging.

In addition, Nikki uses recycled paper for printing.

You can read all about Nikki and her family on her blog She also has a range of great articles, including ones on how to make your own toys!

Nikki is offering a fabulous prize in our Pledge and WIN competition. Even I don’t know what it is yet, but how do I know it will be fabulous? Well, I just do!
You’ll have to keep checking back on this page for an update!

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