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How to recycle half used toiletries (42 comments)
I have used conditioner for final Prince of hand washed clothes before now. Works fine. Just don’t use too much. […]

Janet Holttum
2018-09-05 22:41:24
Zero waste toothbrushes (26 comments)
Have a look at Surfers against Sewage website. I recently bought some toothbrushes from there. […]

2018-08-28 20:36:37
When two rights can make a wrong (4 comments)
Sometimes you can cut the edges off and free the paper to at least recycle that but this depends on the laminater. […]

2018-08-21 12:56:58
5 ways to recycle plastic milk bottle tops (9 comments)
Does anybody know of anywhere in Scotland where milk bottle tops are put to good use? […]

Anne Fraser
2018-08-21 09:46:26
5 ways to recycle spectacles (19 comments)
Can polerized bifocal lenses be made into progressive lenses? […]

2018-08-08 14:24:03
11 ways to reuse and recycle wine corks (43 comments)
In the uk recorked will recycle them for you https://recorkeduk.org/ […]

2018-08-02 07:55:03
How To Deal With Fly Tipping (4 comments)
Hi Hugh, that sounds a terrible situation. I hope some resolution is on the horizon because it’s causing untold damage to the environment and householders, who assume they are doing the right thing, are being taken for a ride. […]

Mrs Green
2018-08-01 12:23:31
Compost awareness week day three – is ink from printed cardboard toxic? (14 comments)
Cracking response Carl […]

2018-07-24 10:27:46
Receipts, recycling and BPA (10 comments)
Wouldn’t burning receipts be bad because of the chemicals… because you then run the risk of inhaling the chemicals.

I am trying to go zero waste and I too, am trying to find a solution of what to do with receipts. Hope someone can give me some i […]

Jacqueline Fidone
2018-07-21 23:53:58
Compost awareness week and how to tame slimy compost! (32 comments)
Hi Jay, I would guess it’s just where the water has dripped down into the bottom from things like veg and fruit peelings or grass and that because it’s at the bottom you’ve not been able to get into that part to turn it properly, so it’s just stagnat […]

Mrs Green
2018-07-18 08:22:32
Save your cardboard toilet roll inners and grow carrots! (13 comments)
Loved your story..lol
Not so much for the school’s excuse on why not to use them..to supposedly protect us from germs…so stupid!!! LOL We used them when we were kids and we’re still around, they’ll use anything for an excuse to complain about.. […]

2018-07-16 15:40:31
5 ways you can move house without creating landfill waste (1 comments)
What a great post! Moving house can be an overwhelming process and people often end up chucking loads of things out to speed up the process. But, if you’re organised, you can have a much more environmentally friendly move. Donating to charity is a re […]

2018-07-15 10:55:42
Five ways students can go zero waste (2 comments)
It’s incredible isn’t it? I just saw your ten year anniversary post and commented. What fun to think we’ve been blogging a decade! […]

Mrs Green
2018-07-05 07:23:59
Five ways to set up a zero waste kitchen (1 comments)
I love this site as i pick up tips we try not to have much food waste and with a hungry guineapig to feed we don’t end up with much waste keep up the good work […]

Penny Thompson
2018-06-30 08:35:32
Turn your milk bottle tops into pet bowls! (22 comments)
Now eight years on so I guess you weren’t successful in finding anything positive! […]

2018-06-19 17:16:22
Do zero waste rubber gloves exist? (16 comments)
I make rubberbands out of the wrists too – glad it’snot just me and turn them inside out – the rubber/latex ones I use don’t have a lining so there’s not much difference. I have the same problem with gardening gloves but my mum and I just discovered […]

2018-06-02 10:02:44
How to recycle old tools (15 comments)
The word “Recycle” is being used both as an end of life process into something the same or different and instead of the word “Reuse”. We’ve got stuck at the wrong end of the waste hierarchy and need to concentrate further up on Reducing, Reusing, Re […]

2018-04-30 12:16:49
20 ways to go green at home (3 comments)
Hey Alicia, thanks for taking time to comment. I agree totally that buying new should only be done as a last resort. As it happens, this was a guest post, not written by me and I think you’ll find if you read through articles by me I tend to favour t […]

Mrs Green
2018-04-08 11:14:34
How to recycle audio cassette tapes (23 comments)
Thanks for sharing this information, Greenitup. What a shame these valuable companies go out of business 🙁 […]

Mrs Green
2018-03-22 12:20:21
Response from Walkers (7 comments)
Hi Danni, sadly the crisp bag recycling has stopped now. I was able to set up a collection point in my local Tesco store, but the charity are no longer collecting the used bags, so there are no more collections 🙁 […]

Mrs Green
2018-03-20 21:22:46
5 tips for reducing food waste – #TasteWithoutWaste (1 comments)
These are some excellent tips. I find that I really don’t have much food waste in our home. Lots of hungry mouths to feed, and i cook meals from fresh ingredients that always go down well […]

2018-03-17 22:07:50
Turns out I’ve been lying – read my confession (6 comments)
I’ve recently bought some sweet potatoes from Morrisons in a plastic bag and they have the “FILM: Recycle with carrier bags at larger stores – not at kerbside” Funny that because they still haven’t marked up the Carrier Bag Recycling Bin and it must […]

2018-03-02 19:57:52
Response from BIC about recycling disposable razor blades (12 comments)
Is this thread still open?
Given current worries about plastic waste, I am more concerned about disposing of Bic 2 handles – which are not (but could be) detachable and have a lot more plastic than the blade part. Do you have a Bic contact to raise […]

2018-02-19 10:45:59
Recycle your medicines and save lives (14 comments)
www.brokenbog.com must be worth a mench. A chance to recycle your unwanted sanitaryware and to find a matching replacement. I fancy a rainbow bathroom… Then you can update with a dual flush loo (unless anyone is modifying old ones). However eve […]

2018-02-18 12:19:35
The five most important things a family can do to reduce their impact on the planet (12 comments)
Hi Tim, it’s great that you and your family are on this journey. All we can do is our best and it sounds like you’re doing just that. At least you have sown seeds of a foundation with your son – it’s likely some of it will stick and come into play ag […]

Mrs Green
2018-02-17 10:46:42
Cosmetics companies who refill and recycle (36 comments)
That’s a great find, thanks for sharing Liz! […]

Mrs Green
2018-01-09 14:09:57
Compost awareness week – top tips for using bokashi bins! (16 comments)
that’s really good to know – thanks for sharing your success, David! […]

Mrs Green
2018-01-09 10:58:44
4 ways to recycle cds (15 comments)
I just leave them around my computer or on my shelf and they sit there for about a decade or more until i find out they still exist and use them again/give them to a charity shop.

The only time iv’e really ever thrown away Cd’s or even cassettes i […]

Joseph morgan
2017-12-18 15:03:03
The A-Z of saving over £1000 a year by reducing waste! (5 comments)
Here we are at the end of 2017 and there has been an increase in wet wipes and flushing these can cause the most enormous fatbergs:


Yes […]

2017-12-16 23:13:38
Any ideas about recycling vinyl banners? (28 comments)
They sound fantastic! Off to check them out now! […]

Mrs Green
2017-11-19 21:56:38

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