3 Small Lifestyle Swaps You Can Make Today to Improve Your Personal Carbon Footprint

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Back in 2019, the theme of Zero Waste Week was climate change. It was a ‘never-done-before’ theme which expanded the horizons of not just focusing on landfill waste, but encompassed more of the sustainability theme.

It was a fantastic campaign with some interesting ideas and debate. With climate change quickly becoming a pressing issue for the worldwide population, many people are trying to live an eco-friendlier lifestyle and reduce their individual carbon footprint.

However, the climate change issue can be overwhelming. Where do you start? Well as the famous saying goes ‘the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’. It’s the same for a zero waste lifestyle and the same for reducing your carbon footprint.

It’s much better to do one or two things well, than 20 things badly, get overwhelmed and then do nothing at all.

From making more conscious choices about how you travel and simple changes in your diet to buying preowned, you can start making many small lifestyle swaps.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Pay Attention To How You Travel

 When you’re struggling to get the kids out of the door for the school run, or late for your drive to work, it probably doesn’t enter your mind how your transport choices have a direct effect on the world around you.

Fortunately there are many options available. Car sharing or car pooling is one idea. When our daughter was at school, we used to have a rota with a couple of other families – so each week one family would take everyone’s children in, and we’d only have to drive every three weeks. When I worked in an office, I’d car pool with one or two other colleagues. Not only did it reduce fuel costs, but it was a more fun way to travel by having company.

If your journey is less than a couple of miles, you may be able to walk or cycle. If it’s further, are buses, coaches or trains an option?

If you’re in the market for a new car, electric vehicles are revolutionising the automobile industry with low-emission benefits

Understandably, only some people’s lifestyles can accommodate an EV; however, you can feel whether an electric vehicle would be a welcome change in your life by leasing one through providers like LV ElectriX. Check out their website to discover their entire catalogue of electric vehicles and learn more about electric car charging.

Read The Label

 One of the most important ways to ensure success on your zero waste journey is to plan ahead. When you’re starving and stop at a fast-food chain for a quick bite, you’re probably not sitting there questioning their production methods while you wait for your food. However, unbeknownst to some, the food industry is one of the most significant contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions (a whopping 37%!), demonstrating our dietary choices’ effect on the planet.

Due to this, we need to start educating ourselves. Read the label and discover precisely where your food comes from, how it is produced, and if there are any changes you can make to improve consumption. Take steps to reduce food waste, support independent local businesses and separate your wants from your needs.

For instance, if you’ve noticed that you often throw away a lot of new food, you could consider meal planning which will help you create a weekly plan to use the food in your fridge/cupboards more wisely and reduce any unnecessary purchases. On the other hand, if you’ve noticed that your food disposal methods could use improvement, you could consider making your own compost, dedicating one mealtime a week to leftovers etc. Small changes in your attitude towards food can do wonders for your carbon footprint.

Buy Preowned

 Although a certain satisfaction comes with buying something brand-new, be it for your home, office, business etc., the ecological footprint of manufactured items is massive and damaging to our planet. We hear you; you can’t always find everything you need or want second-hand; however, it’s in your best environmental interests you try and buy everything preowned when and where you can.

Fortunately, online marketplaces and mobile applications such as Facebook Online Marketplace, Gumtree, Depop and Vinted allow people worldwide to sell, buy, and trade preloved items. All of these can help you find a more environmentally friendly solution for the lack of seating in your home or a fresh outfit for your upcoming night out – whatever you need, you can guarantee you’ll find it online!

Chances are, using these online platforms; you’ll be more likely to bag yourself a bargain and be kinder to the planet simultaneously. On the other hand, if you’re not tech savvy, consider checking out your local charity shop and seeing what finds you could source. And remember to donate your unwanted items too, to take that all-important step towards a circular economy.

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