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My Zero Waste has been featured on TV, Radio and in newspapers and magazines around the world. Here is a small selection of the places we’ve been featured.


We began our challenge and created this website in June 2008.

In August, we had our first Radio interview for our local station. I was so terrified I asked the interviewer to come to the house and pre-record everything and in my terror I forgot to record the interview when it went live! In September, we were asked for another interview, so I nominated Mr Green for the job and vowed to just stick to sitting behind the keyboard where I felt safe.

There was no getting away from the limelight however. At the beginning of September, we appeared on the BBC website:

Click to read the BBC article from September 2008

Click to read the BBC article from September 2008

From there, our local TV station (Points West) picked up on the story and wanted to interview us. Thankfully they came to us, so no scary studios for yours truly! Here is our fist TV appearance aired on September 1st 2008:

By November I was gaining a bit of confidence.

Following a BBC story about controversial pay-as-you-throw schemes suggested as a way for Britain to deal with its waste problem, Bob Walmsley from Radio Northampton dedicated an hour to discussing this important issue and contacted me to take part. The question for his phone in was “Is pay as you throw a load of rubbish?”

Click the player below  to listen to my live phone in on Radio Northampton


Interest in our story gathered momentum in 2009. We pledged at the beginning of the year to create just one dustbin full of rubbish. And the press intended to keep an eye on us to see if we achieved our goal:

The Daily Mail hailed us as “The Eco friendly family who only throw away 100gms of litter a week”

Click on the image to read the Daily Mail article

Click on the image to read the Daily Mail article

And the Telegraph ran a similar article:

Click on the image to read the Time article

Click on the image to read the Time article

In addition, we supported our local Council with their own zero waste week at the end of January. 1500 households took part and Andy Vivien, a Radio Gloucestershire reporter, came on a tour of Chez Green to pick up tips on how to reduce his waste:

Click here to listen to our interview. Radio Gloucestershire, 24th Jan 2009

At the end of 2009, the world wanted to know if we had achieved our goal of one dustbin for the year. On the very last day of the year, we appeared both in the Mail and the Times having appeared the week previously in the Sunday Express “Homes and Holidays” supplement.

Click on the image to read the Daily mail article

Click on the image to read the Daily mail article

Click on the image to read the full Times article

Click on the image to read the full Times article


No sooner had we finished singing Auld Lang Syne when media attention kicked off again. At the beginning of January, our one dustbin of waste was due to be collected and the world was waiting to see what was in there! Unfortunately snowy weather meant all bin collections were abandoned for a fortnight and it wasn’t until 27th the bin men finally arrived, along with BBC Breakfast for live TV broadcasts throughout the morning.

The day before, however, Little Miss Green made a stunning presentation on Newsround. Even to this day it makes me cry when I watch it:

Watch our BBC Breakfast interviews on the day our bin was emptied:

See us on BBC Midlands today:


After the BBC it was across the waters via Skype to Michigan for an interview with Cathy Shafran from ABC12. We were interviewed alongside some people from a GM plant in flint who have also gone landfill free. What was fascinating to ALL of us was that householders really have the same issues as businesses in getting rid of waste responsibly:

Click on the image to see our TV interview on ABC12

Click on the image to see our TV interview on ABC12

From Michigan, it was a short hop to Adelaide for their ABC breakfast show where Spence Denny interviewed us about our recent challenge.

Click here to listen to the interview on 891 ABC Adelaide.

Then over to North Carolina to appear on Dick Gordon’s “The Story“:

Click here to listen to our interview on “The Story”.

During 2010, we partnered with 1800Recycling. Thanks to their wonderful PR, myzerowaste and 1800Recycling appeared on over 200 influential websites including

CBS money watch,, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Wall Street, and CNBC news.

uring the summer of 2010 we appeared in Readers Digest, National Geographic and Tesco magazine. We’ve been interviewed for Al Jazeera TV for a series they aired about waste around the world. We’ve talked on BBC Scotland and BBC World Service.

At the beginning of September we were interviewed on the Christopher Gabriel Programme from WDAY and appeared in First News Newspaper (the widest read weekly children’s publication in the UK). Later the same month we appeared in the Independent newspaper,  and on America’s number 1 green radio station “Green is Good” with Andy Hobsbawn from Do The Green Thing.

In October we were mentioned in Alex Renton’s article in the Daily Mail “How to fit your weekly rubbish into one shoe box“; where he had used our inspiration to set his own zero waste week at home. At the end of the month we appeared on BBC’s CountryFile with Tom Heap on a special report about Waste packaging.

We are currently in talks with a film company about producing a documentary on waste and sustainability.

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I am a long time supporter of the Green and Sustainable lifestyle. After being caught in the Boscastle floods in 2004, our family begun a journey to respect and promote the importance of Earth's fragile ecosystem, that focussed on reducing waste. Inspired by the beauty and resourcefulness of this wonderful planet, I have published numerous magazine articles on green issues and the author of four books.

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