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Purpose of My Zero Waste

The overall purpose of my zero waste is to help householders reduce the amount of rubbish sent to landfill. We show on a daily basis HOW we are reducing our own landfill waste by highlighting the pitfalls and sharing our mistakes and successes!

Aim of My Zero Waste

Landfill space is running out, incineration can lead to toxic fumes being released and we dump many items that still have useful life in them. Our overall aim of our site is to inspire and educate other people to reduce their landfill waste as much as possible. We aim to show that a zero waste UK is achievable through practical, workable and realistic steps.

Goals of My Zero Waste

-Our personal goal in 2008 was to reduce our household landfill waste as much as we could
-In 2009, our goal was to only have our dustbin emptied once
-Our goal for 2010 is to create ZERO waste to landfill

Our Vision

Our vision is for a zero waste UK; a country where we rethink our rubbish and start to view it as a resource rather than a waste product.
Our belief is that a zero waste Britain is possible if more energy, money and care is put into education, innovative product design and recycling facilities.

Many people feel overwhelmed about climate change. Our vision is that everybody takes small steps towards a zero waste future and begins to see that everybody doing a little bit can collectively add up to significant change. If everyone in the UK recycled just ONE more tin can per week, that would be 60 million less tins ending up in landfill!

Core Values

– We run a friendly, helpful and inspiring website. We welcome lively debate from our readers but will not tolerate offensive, abusive or defamatory comments – such comments will be removed.

– The tone of our site is upbeat and optimistic. We focus on solutions rather than problems.

– We welcome feedback from our readers; both in the comments on our articles and through our Contact Us form. We acknowledge all contact us forms and comments by responding within 3 days.

– We welcome guest posts from companies who are offering zero waste products and services and from individuals who are passionate about reducing landfill waste. Contact us for our writers guidelines.

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