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Neals Yard remedies
We have another household name under the company spotlight, with Neals Yard Remedies.

Neals Yard are a carbon neutral company who sell organic skin and body care and natural remedies. They were born in 1981, and were one of the few companies who were pushing against the synthetic chemical approach to skin and bodycare.

Their vision was to bring the expertise of the apothecary and a holistic approach to health and beauty to local people and their communities.

As well as a passion for people and their health, Neals Yard are devoted to the environment. They actively support and promote organic farming and the use of certified organic ingredients in their products and all of their packaging is recyclable.

Their products come in blue glass or plastic bottles and they are in the process of moving all plastic packaging over to 100% post consumer recycled PET. These bottles can be returned to the store for recycling and you’ll get 10p off your next purchase.

If you order mail order, Neals Yard use cardboard boxes and compostable ‘polystyrene’ made from corn starch.

Neals Yard have a facebook page and even their own wikipedia page!

Neals Yard are the first nationwide high street retailer in the UK to be awarded the CarbonNeutral® brand mark. This includes rigorous testing in all aspects of their company, including waste disposal.

Neals Yard are offering one lucky winner their best selling gift box – the gift of relaxation, during our Pledge and WIN competition challenge. This gift box contains three lavender scented products and an organic cotton flannel. Make sure you enter this competition because it’s definitely a prize I’d love to keep myself!

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