My Eco Store

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My Eco Store
My Eco Store is run by three eco mums, Paula, Nikki and Joanna, who give consumers the chance to go green with their range of products.

Their business was inspired by their children who were doing a homework project on environmental issues.

The more they learnt the more they became fascinated by the range of environmentally friendly products and eco gifts that are the end result of the recycling process, and the range of everyday products that are being developed that use less energy.

Their results lead to many friends and family asking for details of where they bought things, what does it do, and why don’t you start a business??Grolsch recycled goblets

And that was the birth of My Eco Store!

They have a great range of recycled products including coasters made from circuit boards, juice cartons and even yogurt pots. They stock stationary made from old car tyres, polystyrene packaging and CD cases. They also stock recycled notebooks and glassware.

Eco Store are offering one lucky winner one of their favourite and best selling lines during our Pledge and WIN competition. They are offering a pair of drinking glasses made from Grolsch beer bottles.

These are made by cutting away the base of the bottle, polishing the edges and bonding the base to the neck to form the foot and as the glasses aren’t melted down, they save 90% of the energy normally used to make recycled glass.

In addition to browsing their site, you can read their blog and sign up for their newsletter where you will receive information about special offers, new eco products and eco tips.

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