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Eco kitchens online
Caroline at Eco Kitchens Online is passionate about the environment and kitchens. As a result of this, Eco Kitchens provides you with practical and stylish solutions for the kitchen. All of her products will help you reduce your carbon footprint and find sustainable solutions to modern living.

As a company, Eco kitchens are committed to reducing their adverse environmental impact. They are continually seeking ways to improve their eco credentials.

Eco kitchens is based in Taunton, UK and they source as many products as possible from the UK, to reduce their overall carbon footprint. To simplify buying products you will find ‘eco points’ next to each item. Thekitchen caddy eco points are awarded to products so you can clearly see their contribution to ethical living. This means you can make an informed choice.

As well as energy saving products, eco kitchens stock a range of recycled products, such as glassware and coasters. Their range of coasters are made from old circuit boards, juice cartons and even yogurt pots! In addition, you will find a selection of goods designed to make recycling easier for you at home. Caroline stocks some fantastic bright recycling bins and a can crusher.

Finally, to reduce the amount of chemicals you use and packaging you need, you can buy Eco balls and dryer balls from Eco kitchens.

Caroline reuses packaging from her suppliers and recycles packaging wherever she can. In addition, any packaging sent to her home may find itself being given a new lease of life as packaging for an item that you buy from her!

freshpodOn her website, there is the opportunity for you to share your eco winning ways and learn some eco tips. You can also sign up for their newsletter which will keep you updated on all the latest product news and offers.

Caroline is offering a fantastic prize during our Pledge and WIN competition One lucky winner will receive a kitchen caddy and liners to store all their compost, a freshpod and a battery regenerator.

The freshpod is designed to reduce food waste by keeping fruits and vegetables fresher for longer. It works by harmlessly absorbing the gases given off by products as they ripen and is reported to save you around £260 on your annual food bill.

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  1. kitchens says:

    lately, i’ve been reading about eco kitchens.. like, many say that large kitchens with open space try to balance the eco in our home..

  2. Poppy says:

    The concept of a can crusher is a mystery to me. I know you made one previously Mr G, but what’s wrong with a well clad foot and a hard floor? 😉 Mine all get this treatment outside the back door and then go straight into the recycling box – job done!

  3. Mr Green says:

    @Poppy: Hi Poppy, I think if you want to use a ‘good boot’ and some leg muscle there is no problem. I guess we have to be mindful of the (remote) possibility of someone hurting themselves, especially on the steel tins, which are much stronger than aluminium. I have to say, that once I was wearing some light shoes and the can slipped causing a small cut in the sole. The can crusher I use applies much greater pressure than my leg and can get large steel cans absolutely flat. So far, it has worked without any problems. But to endorse your point… I fully agree with the KISS principle wherever possible. My crusher is simply 2 long pieces of 3x 2 timber on top of each other and joined at one end by a very strong hinge.

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