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BobelleI spent a wonderful half hour talking to Claire from BoBelle. Bobelle sell Fair trade fashion, babywear and gifts.

All of Bobelle’s products are Fair trade. Included in their recycled range are Kate and Nia jewellery, Nkuku photograph albums, frames and handmade cards.

The Nkuku photograph albums have recycled cotton or linen covers that are a by product from the clothing industry in India. The pages are made from banana skins, so are tree friendly! These make a beautiful gift and come giftboxed in recycled packaging.

Claire’s range of Kate and Nia jewellery is hand made in North Wales, by Kate and Nia themselves. The entire range is made from recycled aluminium, biscuit, sweet and toffee tins to create a unique range of jewellery. Every piece is finished with eco friendly ‘earthborn’ paint. Kate and Nia can tailor make items to your specification if you are looking for a truly unique gift.

The contemporary style of their jewellery, mixed with the use of recycled metals is getting many customers collecting pieces from all four ranges.

Claire’s brother is a biochemical engineer and has sourced eco friendly packaging for all of BoBelle’s products. Claire sends items out in jiffy bags that have biodegradable inners and recycled outers. Cellophane is biodegradable within 5 months. She uses acid free, recycled tissue paper and recycled rafia from her local garden centre. Her packaging material of choice is 100% biodegradable starch-based material that can be easily composted.

Every one of Bobelle’s products comes with free gift wrapping, regardless of the cost of the item. That makes for a true stree-free shopping experience!recycled earings from bobelle

Not all of Claire’s products are recycled, but many of them are by products of other industries and each range has a high emphasis on Fairtrade.

Claire’s aim is to offer a range of high quality, afforfable gifts that appeal to eco friendly shoppers. She has a passion for environmental and fair trade issues. During Recycle Now week, Claire offered her customer’s 10% off all her recycled products.

A keen recycler herself, Claire does all she can do reduce her family’s waste and recycle all that she can, despite challenging circumstances with her local council services! She is a firm believer that we should re-use things as much as we can, and encourages her customers to hang on to and re-use any packaging their items arrive in.

Claire is offering one lucky winner a fabulous prize in our Pledge and WIN competition You can win a beautiful pair of earings and bracelet from her recycled range by Kate and Nia. For the earings, the hearts are recycled aluminium, the beads are also recycled and the ear wire is sterling silver. They are gorgeous and have been very popular with Claire’s customers.

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