How to turn an old pillowcase into a shopping bag

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When is a pillowcase not a pillowcase?

When is a pillowcase not a pillowcase?

My friend Sharon is a bit of a whizz on the old sewing machine.

Not only that but she rustles up a mean meal in the kitchen too.

And if that’s not all, she thinks nothing of doing the housework in a pair of stilleto shoes (let’s hope she hasn’t got soft wood floors like I have).

But this week, ladies and gentlemen, Sharon has surpassed herself by writing a tutorial over on her website that I think even I could follow.

It’s all about turning an old pillowcase into a shopping bag.

Upcycling at its best!

I reckon a stash of these would make brilliant ‘zero waste’ wrapping for all those Christmas presents you’ll be dishing out this year.

So without further ado, head on over to Sharon’s “Making Stuff” blog and check out her instructions for making a pillowcase bag.

And if that’s not enough to get your creative juices flowing, you might like to see her wearing a tablecloth:

Sharon's tablecloth dress

Sharon's tablecloth dress

It’s a good job I love her, otherwise I’d have to be insanely jealous of how one person can have so much talent…So brilliant is her creative gene, Sharon’s opened a small shop for selling her wares. So if you’re looking for a home made present this Christmas go and have a browse: Sharon’s Misi Shop.

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  1. Sandy says:

    wow, love the dress, just popping over to see her make a shopping bag ta ta

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