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summer solstice
Welcome to our Sunday roundup. We’re happy to welcome Mrs A back from her Swiss travels and are looking forward to hearing about some more of her adventures over on her Rubbish Diet. Just what happened to that purse of hers? We’re all eager to hear about it, Mrs A 😉

Over here, we’ve had a great week. It’s been busy, but rewarding. We’ve been trying to keep on top of the weeds in the garden in between summer showers and the grass is growing like mad. But it’s too wet to cut – that’s clay soil for you!

Still, we had some great potatoes and herbs, growing amongst the bindweed and horsetail, so all is not lost.

Earlier on this week, we had some visitors – find out who they were and whether they were welcome to stay or not.

With only three weeks to go before our zero waste week; how was our weekly weigh in; did we gain or lose weight this week?

Mrs Green has been hot on the tail of Linda at GHS plastics (so to speak). There is great news for mixed plastics recycling in the UK – find out all the latest news in his great article.

At the end of the week, tired but happy, we shared about our fantastic competition for September. To be in the chance of winning some great prizes, all you have to do is pledge to reduce your landfill waste and then come back during September and tell us how you got on.

People have already signed up, so take a look at our prizes, pick your pledges and sign up too. Regardless of where you live, you are welcome to enter as most prizes can be shipped worldwide.

Next week, I’m hosting the carnival of trash. Don’t miss it – it promises to be great with lots of top notch entries from bloggers all around the world. We’ll be visiting New Zealand, Canada, the US, as well as some great posts from the UK!

Don’t forget to take part in our discussions, We love to hear your experiences, share in any information you can offer and help answer your questions. We have a wonderful following of readers who regularly contribute to our articles and posts, and it makes it so much more informative when lots of people share their thoughts. Everyone is welcome to join in.

If junk mail is bothersome to you, then take part in our Stop Junk Mail competition sponsored by Robert at the Stop Junk Mail campaign. Here you can win everything you need to stop junk mail coming to your letterbox.

That’s all from us folks; we’re taking a well earned break today, hoping for some summer sunshine and wishing you all a wonderful day,


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