Reduce your rubbish and win some prizes

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Reduce your rubbish and win

We’re delighted to have got up from behind our screens and stretched our backs with the launch of our
My Zero Waste week September challenge.

For anyone who is not up to speed on what we are doing, here’s a brief run down.

In June of this year, inspired by the great efforts of Mrs A and in conjunction with WRAP’s recycle week, we set up this website. It was to record our progress and share information as we set ourselves a challenge to produce ZERO waste for landfill.

By increasing the amount of recycling we are doing and changing our shopping habits, we have decreased our average week’s rubbish, which was around 100 litres (1 metal dustbin and 2 swing bin liners) to less than half a carrier bag per week.

We’ve not had to put our bin out for 5 weeks!

Now, we’re making an official pledge that we will go zero waste during the first week in September.

We’ve been in touch with our local council, who are going to run a zero waste week in our county during January of next year. So we’re going to be getting in lots of practise between now and then so that we can be onboard to help them with their mission!

We all know that if you work together as a team, the work is more pleasant and the results are often more dramatic.

That’s why we want your help! What else is there to do at this time of year? The summer is over, the children are back at school, we’re trying to avoid thinking about Christmas, so what better project to get stuck into than reducing your rubbish?!

As the autumn approaches, none of us want to be out there moving heavy, smelly bins around. And how many of us have woken up with a start before the rubbish is collected in a panic that we haven’t got everything together in time?

Reducing your waste can help you do something about this!

During our zero waste week in September, we want YOU, along with us, to pledge to reduce your landfill waste.

Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to go zero waste, just to do SOMETHING towards it. It can be as simple as taking a reusable bag to the shops or as challenging as you like.

In return for your efforts, you can be in with a chance of winning some fabulous prizes. There are handmade items made from recycled materials, books, housewares, toiletries and vouchers to be won.

All of the prizes are either recycled, fully recyclable at the end of their lives or will help you reduce the amount of waste you put into landfill each week.

To be in with a chance of winning, you need to pledge to do one or more things from our pledge list during the first week in September, and then REPORT BACK on your experiences on our feedback page.

Everyone who makes a pledge and comes back here to feedback on their findings will be in with a chance of winning one of 22 fabulous prizes!

You’ve got between now and the first week of September to think about what you might be able to achieve and put some changes in place, but you can sign your pledge any time from today. The competition will close on 14th September, to give you chance to leave your feedback.

Help us spread the word and increase your chances of winning! If you know of anyone else who would be interested in taking part, or you write a blog or website, then share this great competition with your readers so that they can share in the fun.
If you mention this competition on a forum, website, blog or other media source WITH A LINK then come back and tell us about it on the feedback page, because this will increase your chances to win a prize.

  • Why not head over to the pledge and win page now to get some ideas
  • Take a look at the great prizes on offer
  • Then decide on what you can do for your pledge(s)
  • Enter your details in the form and start reducing waste
  • Finally come back later and share your feedback

Wherever you live in the world, do come and join us with our zero waste week challenge. Even if you don’t enter our competition you can still win Moreeco Points by giving linkbacks and comments.


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I am a long time supporter of the Green and Sustainable lifestyle. After being caught in the Boscastle floods in 2004, our family begun a journey to respect and promote the importance of Earth's fragile ecosystem, that focussed on reducing waste. Inspired by the beauty and resourcefulness of this wonderful planet, I have published numerous magazine articles on green issues and the author of four books.

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  1. Emma says:

    Anyone who pledges to recycle a mobile phone might find my list of phone recycling options helpful:

  2. Hi Mrs Green,

    It is excellent news that the council is planning its own zero waste week early next year. This makes the September week a preparation for what could be a large event. Community-wide efforts, I feel, are essential to raise the profile of a Zero Waste future. Who knows, it could lead to a future national campaign.


  3. Mrs Green says:

    Emma, your article is brilliant – thank you for sharing it here. I’ve commented on it; it’s very insightful and informative πŸ™‚

    John, you know, I love your idea of a national zero waste week – the first week in September every year! I’m a great fan of Tracy Smith’s Downshifting Week. She is a woman of remarkable vision and inspiration. This year her campaign went from national to international – what a woman; she’s bringing real and lasting change to the world

    Well, depending on how popular this zero waste week is, maybe we’ll do just that and set up an official week every year. How exciting!

  4. Very cool! I’ll participate and report, but I’m assuming that the prizes are just open to the U.K.ers, right? In that case, can I just skip choosing a prize when I fill out the form?

  5. Mrs Green says:

    Hi Kristen,

    Great to see you taking part. Many of the companies will ship worldwide, so please join in and state what prizes you would like too πŸ™‚

    I’ll make it clearer somewhere that this competition is open worldwide – thanks for bringing this issue up.

  6. Mr Green says:

    By the way … if you are already doing these things at home or at work, you can still enter your pledges and the competition. It’s just as important to continue recycling as it is to start it!

  7. Kris says:

    “And how many of us have woken up with a start before the rubbish is collected in a panic that we haven’t got everything together in time?”

    Me – but I’m very evolved. It’s the occasional slow morning where I realise the recycling lorry is coming up the road and mine isn’t out!

  8. Mrs Green says:

    πŸ˜€ touche Kris and well done you. Actually, if we miss the tins and glass one, that can be quite an issue – we seem to create lots of it……….

  9. Hi Mrs Green,

    I read the article from top to bottom and agreed with every point. Also, giving the family perspective will attract people more readily. Celebrity is a great thing, though there is some downside. Maybe a local television interview will appear after such a good article.

  10. Mrs Green says:

    Thank you John. I have no intention of being a celebrity just yet and TV would terrify me LOL! It was bad enough doing our little zero waste video the other week.

    Talking of which, we have a couple of ‘out takes’ for light entertainment purposes – I must dig them out and get them uploaded.

  11. Mrs Green says:

    bless you – thank you! It’s a great post πŸ™‚

  12. Mrs Green says:

    Thank you Sarah – but you really should have been resting instead of doing all the writing!

    I hope you are feeling better and you enjoy your knitting project. I aim to help you, but don’t hold your breath; I’m having trouble enough making these snakes for LMG πŸ˜€

  13. I’m feeling better and blogging is sitting down and not doing anything else…..

  14. Mrs Green says:

    Glad you’re feeling better πŸ™‚ I’m off for an early night myself in a mo; I’ve got a sore throat and bit of a headache looming………

  15. Tricia Tanti says:

    I think I am doing all I can to recycle/compost etc. But I am going to make a new fleece jacket as the thought of it having been plastic bottles or tyres just makes me laugh.

  16. Mrs Green says:

    Hi Tricia,
    welcome to the site; it’s great that you feel you are doing all you can already. Enjoy your new fleece jacket; I hope it goes well πŸ™‚

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