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Why recycle aluminium cans? (29 comments)
i would like to know of buyers for my aluminium cullets the are very clean 60mm wide and 25/30mm high, offer me a price @ R per kg..love to hear from other melters project’s […]
2015-06-28 17:50:06
Five ways to make your office zero waste (3 comments)
Definitely. But you wouldn’t believe how protective some people are of their personal waste bins. Cartoonable! Now so many people work on the computer it is also a good idea (more than a good idea healthwise) to get up, take your eyes off the scre […]
2015-06-27 10:50:40
Recycle aluminium cans and make money! (13 comments)
Hi thanks for the opportunity, i do melt the aluminium can’s and mold them in muffin pans , to get a higher kg per bag , wil any body have a problem to buy them like this , wil there be any price difference in my favoure. […]
2015-06-26 21:05:42
Recycling for pros! (3 comments)
I am looking for a company who would pay and recycle polystyrene foam, hard plastic and plastic boxes. Any funds raised would be used on school playground and forest. […]
Mrs Debbie Millican
2015-06-07 23:42:22
How to recycle 35mm film negatives (3 comments)
Amy, are you still in need of old negatives for you art projects? If so where can I send them? […]
2015-05-19 11:12:55
How to recycle VHS tapes and audio cassettes (11 comments)
What a sad story, but thanks for the update, Peter – much appreciated. […]
Mrs Green
2015-05-15 12:10:21
10 questions about a zero waste lifestyle (16 comments)
Thanks Lucy! […]
Mrs Green
2015-05-14 08:10:20
Reduce wet wipes and cotton wool use with these alternatives for removing make up (13 comments)
Hey Sarah; thanks for adding to the conversation – it’s good to hear what works for us all :) […]
Mrs Green
2015-05-08 08:12:23
Any ideas about recycling vinyl banners? (21 comments)
I have some unwanted banners I would love to send you. Where are you located and when would you need them by? […]
2015-04-27 13:38:01
How to recycle old tools (11 comments)
Great tip to watch a show like the hoarders before tackling decluttering – love that! Thanks for telling us about brickrecycler – looks a great concept :) […]
Mrs Green
2015-04-24 07:10:23
Recycle stamps for charity (22 comments)
You can also recycle stamps for the charity of your choice at Citadel Stamps. We pay charities a minimum of £15.00 for every kilo of donated stamps you can send us. The quality of donated stamps does vary and we have even paid as much as £50.00/kil […]
2015-04-06 16:30:08
I say shop naked, you say packaging… (18 comments)
Thanks for the tip! I’ll have to remember that one! […]
Jasmine Orenstein
2015-03-31 16:38:51
How to Recycle plastic milk bottle tops (65 comments)
Where do you send them to as I have some to send off. x […]
Caroline McCarthy
2015-03-26 10:42:06
Further steps to reducing your household waste (6 comments)
I LOVE these; they look so pretty! Thanks for sharing :) […]
Mrs Green
2015-03-25 10:25:28
Household (16 comments)
I used to buy the bamboo cleaning cloths from supermarkets, waitrose or sainsburys I think.
Though I have not bought them for a while (possibly because they no longer sell them) I liked them a lot. However I now knit my own dish cloths from cotton w […]
2015-03-20 10:12:57
Turn your milk bottle tops into pet bowls! (20 comments)
and then louise, why not expand the product line to toys and educational tools to teach the future recyclers to enjoy the fruits of their budding conscience? go forward to the other end of the line and provide elder care homes with unbreakable implem […]
nadine Sellers
2015-03-18 19:02:04
The most amazing reuse project ever? (5 comments)
Unless it was a lego ice brick. Now that would make a good igloo! […]
Euro Municipal
2015-02-24 16:19:55
Dealing with Junk Mail (19 comments)
Good luck with the no junk mail sign and let us know if it works out. I know some people STILL get inundated with junk mail despite the signs. Grrr. […]
Mrs Green
2015-02-24 12:28:35
Six ways to reuse laundry detergent dosing balls (6 comments)
Hi Shanaz, what sort of packaging is it? I guess it depends on what you want to use the soil for in the long term. If you’re going to take the weed suppressant back up and use the ground to grow veg then you’ll need to check what sort of material the […]
Mrs Green
2015-02-22 20:00:38
Will you #showthelove this Valentine’s Day? (2 comments)
I haven’t come across that one, Jadwriter. Oh, unless it’s the Silo cafe – is that the one? […]
Mrs Green
2015-02-18 13:53:06
How to recycle half used toiletries (39 comments)
Debbie, that’s such a great idea – thank you for sharing! […]
Mrs Green
2015-02-18 13:51:25
The zero waste guide to medication (9 comments)
Me too. I don’t see why most (or any?) of this stuff needs the foil or the packet. We’re told we can ‘t recycle wrapping paper because some of it is plastic foil. What’s the difference?. […]
2015-02-10 19:53:55
Our trip to the recycling centre (11 comments)
I don’t know if Chris is still collecting polystyrene – you can read his story here: http://myzerowaste.com/2013/07/how-to-recycle-polystyrene-chips-and-get-paid/

Or there are some reuse ideas here: http://myzerowaste.com/2011/05/how-to-recycle-po […]

Mrs Green
2015-02-03 11:20:14
Tetra Pak recycling is coming back to the UK! (7 comments)
We’ve got pretty small kerbside collections too – tins, glass and paper!

You can put all of the carton into the banks and it can be dealt with at the recycling plant. […]

Mrs Green
2015-02-03 11:18:22
Keep your cool and reduce food waste (14 comments)
If your frozen kale is going bitter, I would suggest blanching it for a bit longer before freezing, as blanching is meant to kill the enzymes that cause the bitterness. Blanching should also help to stop it from going bad. […]
2015-02-02 23:57:58
Hard plastics recycling in the UK (12 comments)
Great question, Alan. I don’t know the official answer to your question; so I’d call your local council for advice. […]
Mrs Green
2015-02-02 17:21:41
How to recycle paint (or not) (16 comments)
Remember some paint in the UK is classed as hazardous – check for the harmful symbol on the can. It’s rare but they are on the market. […]
2015-02-01 21:25:55
I’m in the “Hot 100″ – oh, err! (8 comments)
Good work, Madame Cholet! Very well done. […]
Grandma Green
2015-01-31 13:55:52
Update on Dump Your Junk January Challenge (2 comments)
Ah, great idea – thanks Ann! […]
Mrs Green
2015-01-29 15:53:11
Time to confess! What secret desire do you have that flies in the face of your zero waste lifestyle? (5 comments)
Of course we have to question whether we should buy things or collect things in the first place – sometimes something should never have been there in the first place which would solve a recycling problem. But that’s not an easy thing to do is it? […]
2015-01-19 18:31:29

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