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Would you ever buy wine in a Tetra Pak carton? Here’s 9 reasons you should consider it! (10 comments)
So lid on or lid off?

I presume that since there is plastic surrounding the lid that it may as well be left on. Nowadays once flattening the flappy ones above I often cut the corner off to get the last of the drink out and then rinse the carton o [...]

2014-07-25 14:53:04
15 ways to use up pesto sauce (22 comments)
That sounds great Jim. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your recipe :) Just the thing for some al fresco dining at the moment! [...]
Mrs Green
2014-07-24 11:14:00
Reusable sanitary protection (52 comments)
I use old washable nappy inserts that I fold into 4 long ways, they are very absorbant and wash and dry easily as they fold out flat. I have some on the line now, they are dry in about 2 hours. I have been using them for about 5 or 6 years now, and w [...]
Clare thomas
2014-07-22 12:40:28
Third week of Plastic Free July #pfjuk (2 comments)
I am finding the plastic challenge a bit of a mission impossible. The problem is that I am not a motorist (I prefer to walk everywhere) but due to back problems I have to get most of my shopping online and delivered. My delivery people have the tende [...]
2014-07-22 11:04:34
MEDIA (6 comments)
Hi Mati, welcome to the site. I’m so pleased you found us from the Galileo programme. That was a long time ago now :) [...]
Mrs Green
2014-07-21 21:54:37
Recycle aluminium cans and make money! (10 comments)
Oh nooooo! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave updated information, Glenys. I really appreciate it and what a shame! [...]
Mrs Green
2014-07-21 11:38:19
Take the slow fashion challenge with @ecothrifty (1 comments)
Haha, this made me laugh! I am picturing you in some denim culottes with pastel patches. Nice! : ) That does sound like a lot of work. Whilst I love the idea of learning to sew, I am yet to do so, other than pinning a button back on or darning socks. [...]
Lindsay (treadingmyownpath)
2014-07-21 08:04:16
Second week of Plastic Free July #pfjuk (5 comments)
july is an easy month for me, it is a use-it-up period when the freezer needs to be emptied and turned over; meaning defrosted and inventoried for the sake of taste and surprise. as the garden is bolting after each of our rain events, we are throwing [...]
nadine Sellers
2014-07-17 19:41:50
20 weird things you never knew you could compost (10 comments)
Hair is a good ingredient for the compost bin but remember heavier hair has been dyed those chemicals will go into soil but if it’s safe on your head it shouldn’t be too bad in the soil I think. [...]
Colette Short
2014-07-13 17:23:46
What single use or disposable item could YOU give up? (12 comments)
I think it’s easier just to wash dirty dishes than have a huge bag of garbage to lug out to the curb for the garbage men to collect. Much less work if toy ask me. [...]
2014-07-10 23:17:17
I say shop naked, you say packaging… (14 comments)
I can recycle all my rigid plastic containers – although how much is actually recycled and how much is used as feedstock for an incinerator I don’t know. (And I do prefer no or as little plastic as possible) BUT it is the film that is driving me dem [...]
2014-07-09 10:59:09
First week of Plastic Free July #pfjuk (1 comments)
Mmm Love the look of that cauliflower. I love the leaves and would be happy to have even more although I know that they like to display the “flower”.

It is interesting that beetroot leaves are apparently very good for you but they are usually cu [...]

2014-07-08 14:18:45
Are you taking part in Plastic Free July? (8 comments)
Ooopsie – sorry; changing it now! [...]
Mrs Green
2014-07-03 08:14:04
How recycling can save your sanity (2 comments)
Since your post in 2009 on batteries those businesses that sell more than a certain number of batteries are required to have battery recycling points: so if we look we’ll find these in many stores. Many Councils are also collecting them kerbside – [...]
2014-06-29 04:47:26
Is cornstarch plastic packaging (PLA) compostable or recyclable? (49 comments)
Love this post x [...]
plasticisrubbish (@polytheenpam)
2014-06-28 21:35:47
Is this the answer to reducing food waste? (9 comments)
They definitely should start selling wobbly nobbly veg! And they should start selling more veg loose again. Many UK supermarkets now have potatoes and carrots and more in plastic – they looked more appetising ‘loose’. [...]
2014-06-27 15:53:22
Dealing with Junk Mail (17 comments)
Like so many households these days I am armed with a colour ink-jet printer and I know how to use it. So there is always a sign on my front door that clearly indicates “No Leaflets”. However, I am finding that with takeaways who are prolific menu pos [...]
Rik Trik
2014-06-23 18:37:58
Mr Green saves the day! (4 comments)
A soldering iron… something that many nowadays have probably never heard of! My Dad had one and was always mending things. I just need a project that is an excuse to get one! Araldite also featured highly in Dad’s mending of things. I guess now [...]
2014-06-20 16:20:46
Against incineration (72 comments)
Here in the US most consumer goods, including food items come wrapped in packaging material inside of packaging material inside of yet MORE packaging material. Cellophane is a veritable plague on the people who have to deal with waste management. I [...]
Anthony Orenstein
2014-06-20 00:53:37
Getting rid of gifts without the guilt (3 comments)
Maybe it’s possible to break the unhelpful present buying habit, by sending that person a charity gift. I have an uncle who tries to find the whackiest charity gift for us (we’ve had a stethoscope, schoolbooks,chickens) and we respond with similar gi [...]
Laurena Dobson
2014-06-17 21:48:10
Best decluttering tips from the zero waste community (1 comments)
although i came to maturity in a bifurcated household, i carry grandmother’s country mouse principles rather than parents’ city rat habits.

yes, i do hoard glass canning jars, textiles, plumbing or carpentry parts for the ‘just in case’ scenario, [...]

nadine Sellers
2014-05-30 19:21:36
5 reuse ideas that will blow your mind… (12 comments)
without trying to be rude, honestly :) why do people use paper towels or napkins at all? This just wouldnt occur to me [...]
Kalzee (@Kalzee77)
2014-05-30 13:47:38
How to recycle polystyrene chips and get paid! (1 comments)
I’ve read some of your website. All I can say is well done for all your efforts! I come away feeling a bit deflated though. I so want to be green but …….My house is full of clutter. Mountains of old clothes from my children which I will one day p [...]
2014-05-30 13:11:27
About Us (46 comments)

I’ve just come across your blog whilst trying to educate myself even further about ‘zero-waste’. I live in Brighton, UK, and our family are just starting our transition! It’s both frustrating and rewarding in equal measures, but reassuring to [...]

2014-05-29 21:34:55
Amazon excessive packaging rant (3 comments)
It is unfortunate that a company like Amazon which has such potentially good packaging eg recyclable and compostable fails so badly with the amount of it.

I believe that you can report this in the feedback on the packaging of your purchase easil [...]

2014-05-21 17:37:51
7 ways to recycle shredded paper (39 comments)
When I had a huge amount of confidential paper that needed shredding I sat for hours over the shredder. It kept jamming and over heating. I soon realised that not all of the paper needed shredded . I removed the important parts and started burning it [...]
Karen Hughes
2014-05-16 06:10:45
How to recycle your cat (16 comments)
Does anyone know of a way to make a DIY “Litter Genie” (Litter Locker, Litter Vault)? They are so expensive to maintain. It seems to be a Yuppie luxury, with their pricy refills. (upward of $25 for 3 that last 2 months per cat) I’ve searched for a wa [...]
2014-05-08 19:22:24
It’s British pie week! (7 comments)
I make a vegan pie that is especially good on cold/wet/grey days. Fry onions gently in oil till soft and golden, add 250mls red wine, and boil it down, add plenty of thyme, pepper, and a bay leaf. Slice and fry plain mushrooms, add to onion mix. Soak [...]
Isobel Matheson
2014-05-03 13:18:32
From bags to riches (13 comments)

I know these posts were a while ago now but are you still collecting the crisp packets?
I would love to collect something what is considered rubbish for a great cause. [...]

2014-04-22 23:34:02
7 ways to reuse and recycle shoes (3 comments)
a sense of humor is helpful in the up-cycling medium… leather does eventually decompose in the great depths of a compost barrel or pit, so when the boot degrades beyond planter use, well bury the thing and feed a tree.
the biped footstool is what [...]
nadine Sellers
2014-04-13 18:33:35

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