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FAQs (25 comments)
Hey Catherine,

Good to hear from you – thanks for checking out the site and taking time to leave a comment. Well your idea sounds really interesting. How about you put together 10 questions for us to take a look at? […]

Mrs Green
2015-11-23 16:35:08
Four ways to use less plastic and save money (4 comments)
Great to hear these are no-brainers for you, Le-Chat. There is a gradual awakening as more and more people realise we have other options available to us :) […]
Mrs Green
2015-11-23 10:43:57
How do you recycle builders merchants bulk bags (25 comments)
Much lighter to carry to your allotment than four heavy pallets to lash together to make a composing bin and no wood to get rid of when the bin eventually goes rotten.
– and easier to find than pallets these days and they only go to landfill so grea […]
2015-11-21 19:01:46
Welcome Wandsworth Radio listeners! How to have a sustainable Christmas (3 comments)
I think you have it in one there Mrs Green! But how we change that burden of obligation is difficult to know.

And no there is no easy answer to Christmas – and I wonder if HFW will be back in the New Year with another war on waste covering Christm […]

2015-11-11 16:31:01
How to have a zero waste Christmas, when every man and his dog wants to buy you something (10 comments)
I’m with you; and I think many more people are feeling this way. Whether or not they take action on it is another thing. We’ve moved our ‘Christmas’ celebration to the shortest day because for me, personally, that day has more meaning and is a cause […]
Mrs Green
2015-11-11 13:16:03
How to recycle plastic hangers in Gloucestershire (5 comments)
I have a shop and can use unwanted hangers they seem to be a lot weaker lately. When they do start to break I repurpose the metal hook by bending over the threaded end. Banding hangers together (rubber bands from the postman) and leaving them out for […]
2015-11-09 06:40:47
Facing Someday… (19 comments)
Hey; thanks for your comment. I really think we have to push away the ‘I can’t make a difference’ idea. If we all think like that, nothing gets done, right? So what if I said that if everyone in the UK recycled just ONE tin can that would be 60 milli […]
Mrs Green
2015-11-06 18:35:28
The cost of your daily cup of coffee on the landfill (15 comments)
Thanks for sharing, Fresh. What a shame! […]
Mrs Green
2015-10-29 14:22:15
plastic free cotton buds (Q Tips) (29 comments)
Thanks for sharing, Monica – that’s a great link […]
Mrs Green
2015-10-26 16:06:20
Keep your cool and reduce food waste (15 comments)
I think freezing is one of those things that a lot of people either forget about or are scared to do. Especially for those between 18-24, myself included, it’s hard to know how to do it, and how long certain things can keep for. It’s something that I […]
2015-10-23 08:26:42
Could you manage with a MONTHLY landfill collection? (16 comments)
I agree gifted lyn that can be a bit miffing because you could (as could many others who have been working to reduce waste for some time) have probably won that years ago. Just take pride that you are ahead of the game right now and you won’t be s […]
2015-10-18 08:54:09
Any ideas about recycling vinyl banners? (22 comments)
Hey Kay, just wondering if you have any more banners & if so, whereabouts you’re located? We’re searching for some to use…thanks […]
2015-10-06 08:17:44
6 ways to reuse cardboard and paper (2 comments)
So great to hear of someone using cardboard in the garden – it’s such a valuable material :) […]
Mrs Green
2015-09-27 10:05:12
Do you use plastic bags in your freezer? (17 comments)
Is it healthy to store foods in plastic shopping bags in the freezer ? regardless to reuse them or not . […]
bader awadi
2015-09-24 23:00:27
5 ways to reuse Tetra Pak cartons (4 comments)
How is the various materials devided into cardboard, aluminium and polyethylene ?.
Is there used any solvents to seperate the different materials?

Pls. read the following copied from Wikipedia regardig aluminium


Schematic of Al ab […]

Ulrik Lauridsen
2015-09-24 14:00:19
Dealing with Junk Mail (23 comments)
Take some photos of the rubbish dumped on the drive and in the hall at different times so that you have a reference point on how you would prefer it not to be. You may feel like the only person who recycles or cares but you may in fact not be. Ther […]
2015-09-22 09:27:12
Decluttering your home the zero waste way (11 comments)
Some really handy tips! Another way you could probably consider decluttering is to check your fridges and kitchen area and minimise food wastage! :) […]
2015-09-20 03:48:00
Vivienne Westwood shares her tip for reducing food packaging waste (15 comments)
I commend Vivienne for being so vocal about environmental, social and political issues. It’s refreshing to see someone like Vivienne, a powerful woman in the fashion industry who is so committed to changing peoples perceptions and incorporating the e […]
2015-09-11 17:21:11
How to recycle VHS tapes and audio cassettes (16 comments)
Thanks for your comment, Kevin. I’ve now amended the post with an edit at the top. […]
Mrs Green
2015-09-04 16:10:28
Zero waste toothbrushes (24 comments)
Great to know what’s been working for you, Len. Thanks for sharing and adding value to the conversation :) […]
Mrs Green
2015-09-02 10:59:56
Wasps in the compost bin (27 comments)
I find the wasps go to bed at dusk so evening is a good time to get in there and make the compost more wet. Hope you don’t get stung again! […]
Mrs Green
2015-08-26 10:05:10
7 ways to recycle shredded paper (42 comments)
No problem :) […]
2015-08-14 17:01:18
Natural Spa Supplies Rhassoul Moroccan Clay for zero waste shampoo (33 comments)
Hey Hayley / April; I’m going to ask Sally to join us so you can hear it all from her – she’s the expert 😉 Stay tuned! […]
Mrs Green
2015-08-12 17:14:40
A use for our old toilet seat (6 comments)
Cindy, I love that idea! It would make such a great conversation piece for ‘guess the original object!’ […]
Mrs Green
2015-08-08 20:42:24
Sniff my pits! (32 comments)
I’ve not heard of that one, Rebecca – but like you, I’m wary of products sold cheaply that contain expensive ingredients. Maybe it says something like “Warning, may contain traces of mangosteen’ on the label 😀 […]
Mrs Green
2015-08-08 18:25:47
What Will Happen If You Do Not Recycle? (19 comments)
It’s great that you care, Lily and are willing to be part of the solution – never underestimate how much people might pick up just by watching you go about your life in a more thoughtful way :) […]
Mrs Green
2015-08-05 19:26:32
Beginners tips for reducing household waste (5 comments)
I got hooked up on a zero waste life just lately, so thank you so much for sharing your tips! Some changes in my lifestyle are harder than I expected and I’ll definitely need more time to adjust. Those tips will be of great help to me, thanks again! […]
2015-08-03 09:07:15
10 questions about a zero waste lifestyle (20 comments)
Welcome! How wonderful you can recycle all the plastic codes! It sounds like you’re doing really well already; Mr Throw It Away just needs to learn one step at a time – I’m sure you’re doing a great job of leading by example :) You could sign up for […]
Mrs Green
2015-07-31 08:51:36
When two rights can make a wrong (3 comments)
Hi Leslie, I don’t think they can exist because by their very nature, once you laminate a sheet of paper you can’t separate into its component parts. Best way is to pop paper in a plastic sleeve, but that’s not much good for outdoor notices as water […]
Mrs Green
2015-07-31 08:49:35
How to recycle half used toiletries (41 comments)
Loving that creative idea, Hales – thanks for sharing! […]
Mrs Green
2015-07-20 19:18:19

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