July’s monthly competition – win a bokashi bin!

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natural collection
Happy July everyone!

Welcome to our second my zero waste competition. Each month we’ll bring you an exciting prize that will focus on helping you to reduce your own landfill waste, increase your recycling and slim your bin.

Last month we launched an ageist, sexist and youthist competition, as Grandma Green was quick to point out to me. So this month we have a competition for everyone to take part in! Actually, that’s not strictly true, as we have to open this competition for UK residents only 🙁
Sorry; but we’re just a regular family doing our thing and shipping to the US isn’t an option for us…..

If you joined in the fun last month, you’ll know that the competitions are designed, created and run by Little Miss Green.

That means I can show no favouritism and I don’t have the arduous task of making a decision by picking the winner either. Horrah!

This month, we’re proud, humbled, delighted and all manner of other expletives, to have been given a FANTASTIC prize by our good friends at Natural Collection.

Natural collection have won the prestigious Observer Ethical Awards for Best On-line Retailer, for an unprecedented third time this year.

In addition, Natural Collection were delighted to see their fabulous Shopping Trolley named as ‘best Buy’ in the Independent’s Ten Best Shopping Trolleys. So it’s celebrations all around at the moment!

Since 1999, Natural Collection have been pioneers in the Eco market. With so much ‘greenwashing’ going on, it’s good to find a green shop you can trust, knowing that everything they offer has been independently vetted by an environmental expert for eco friendliness.

You’ll see from our recent ‘retail therapy’ article that Natural collection stock lots of items that are either recycled or will help you with your own recycling at home, such as stationary, kitchen supplies, clothing and recycling solutions.

To top it all, they are having a huge summer sale at the moment with up to 80% off their products, so do go along and get yourself some bargains.

The competition:

We’ve noticed from our recent polls, that 38% of you report that cooked or gone off food makes up abokashi bin large proportion of your rubbish each week.So we’ve teamed up with Natural Collection to help you put an end to food waste in your bin by offering the winner of our competition a bokashi bin.

A bokashi bin uses a mixture of bacteria, fungi and yeasts to safely compost your kitchen food scraps including meat, fish, fruit and vegetable waste.

Bokashi bins are suitable for the tiniest of kitchens, so are ideal for people who are low on space.

We have a fabulous guest article coming up this week from the lovely Karen from wiggly wigglers, so you’ll soon be able to read all there is to know about Bokashi bins from someone who really knows her stuff!

Competition question:

Little Miss Green wants you to come up with a decent slogan / tagline for our site. At the moment we have none, after toying with the idea of ‘reducing the landfill one bin at a time.’ But she’s right – that really sucks, so get your creative heads on and come up with a great tagline that we can use for our My Zero Waste website.

Zero waste In case you want a little inspiration, this is our logo dipicting the black waste bin and a big ‘Z’ through it. Of couse the Z stands for zero and gives the impression of ‘no entry’ or a cross-out.

How to enter:

Click here to enter. Select ‘competition entry’ from the drop down box and remember to include your name and address along with your idea for a cool and funky My Zero Waste tagline.

Little Miss Green will choose the best entry on 31st July and we’ll be using your suggestion as our tagline, so you get 15 minutes of fame too. Just think, you can go to the grave knowing that you supplied the My Zero Waste website tagline – how much that will enrich your life!

Further information

For more tips on reducing food waste, read our article which contains my top ten tips

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I am a long time supporter of the Green and Sustainable lifestyle. After being caught in the Boscastle floods in 2004, our family begun a journey to respect and promote the importance of Earth's fragile ecosystem, that focussed on reducing waste. Inspired by the beauty and resourcefulness of this wonderful planet, I have published numerous magazine articles on green issues and the author of four books.

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  1. Mr Green says:

    C’mon guys, you can come back out of the garden shed for this one. It’s a great prize that will really help cut down waste, trips to the compost bin and provide some rich plant food for your green house.

  2. As I’ve found, if your council doesn’t have a food waste collection, A Bokashi is definitely a must for slimming that bin, especially when combined with a compost bin, wormery or a big hole in the ground. I’d love to enter, but I’ve got two already. 😉

  3. Mrs Green says:

    You could win it for a friend, Mrs A; you’re good at slogans 🙂

  4. Susan Jones says:

    Not sure if this where im supposed to put this, you know me…

    so my pledge, hmm not as easy as i thought the enthusiasm certainly went straight out the window the first time i was having to pull all the tins out of the bin that ian insists on throwing, and with him being a smoker the bin can get pretty grim.

    his policy is if the council dont collect it …. for years now i have had a contraption on the wall for him to squash his beer cans i think the only time its been used is when i demonstrated it to him.

    well i have managed to get a carrier bag full of bits for the recycling but i still havent sorted the kitchen food waste. the best solution i have come up with is my bin liners are biodegradable.

    i dont cook fresh food often enough to feed a wormery.

    but its not all doom and gloom when we have been to the shops for lunch i have taken my own bags instead of having fresh ones and today he went off to get a french stick for breakfast and before he left i heard him say ‘oh better get a bag to take with me’ 🙂

    this is going to be slow and painful but well get there – one day.

    Love Sue

  5. Mr Green says:

    Hello Susan, you know, the imporstant thing is that you have a heart to do something and that is worth everything, even though it may be uphill most of the time. If everyone did just ‘something’ it would all add up like the pieces of a jigsaw and make something amazing that really makes a differeence to producing less waste. Thanks for your comment, you have our full support.

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