Zero Waste Week 2013

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zero waste week 2013 logoWelcome to the sixth National Zero Waste Week!

National Zero Waste Week takes place week beginning 2nd September 2013.

This year’s theme is ‘Use it up!‘ which has us heading off to the kitchen cupboards to reduce food waste.

We’re focusing on reducing food waste because, according to WRAP, the average household is throwing away £50 of food; most of which could have been eaten. It’s costing both us AND the environment.

How can I join in?

Think about your own habits when shopping and eating. Is there something that always gets thrown away? Research has shown that many people who think they don’t throw food away, when asked to take a diary or audit, in fact do.

So Zero Waste Week 2013 is your opportunity to take a reality check on reducing food waste.

This year, we’ve got a brand new website dedicated to the week, called, funnily enough, Zero Waste Week 2013! where you can sign up to our mailing list.

Every day during zero waste week you’ll get an email keeping you accountable, giving you hints and tips and generally cheering you on. Everyone who signs up to our mailing list stands a chance of winning a great prize too.

Be sure to bookmark this page AND the new website! If you have a blog or webpage, please help spread the word by writing about National Zero Waste week – you can grab one of our images below!

If you’re on twitter or facebook, encourage your friends and family to join in too.

FACEBOOK – Join our zero waste facebook page and check out the events page

TWITTER – Use the twitter hashtags #UseItUp and #nzww and follow My Zero Waste.


What can I pledge to do?

As long as you end up reducing your food waste in some way, you can choose anything you like. Here are some ideas:

  • Wise up on portion control
  • Resist BOGOF offers if you know you won’t eat it all
  • Banish the word ‘leftovers’ and replace with ‘ingredients!’
  • Dive into your freezer and cupboards and use up your stores
  • Create a zero waste recipe to share with the community

What next?

Sign up straight away below (please note, you’ll be taken to our new site once you sign up) then keep us updated in the comments section below, on the new site or over on Facebook and Twitter. Let us know what you are doing to improve your your food waste habits and how your actions are inspiring others!

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What will YOU do for zero waste week 2013?

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