14 amazing couscous recipes

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14-amazing-cous-cous-recipes-from-myzerowaste-comOver on Facebook, some of us are having a ‘Use it up!’ challenge to eat all the food in our fridges, freezers and cupboards after the festive spending.

I found a bag of couscous which I think I bought for one recipe last summer.

I asked our group for suggestions on what to mix into it. Here’s what they said:

Rachel keeps it simple with apple & nuts

Amanda said “I cook some tomatoes in a little oil and basil to make a sauce, add some peas or beans and whatever vegetables I have that need using 🙂 I cook the couscous seperately and pour the sauce and vegetables in afterwards – it’s great for a packed lunch! :)”

Ssilf shared “I love sun dried tomatoes and peppers and olives”

Paula said “No real recipes but i always chuck in a load of veg I’ve dehydrated or fermented or maybe some morrocan lemons I’ve made”

Mel said “I make a cous cous salad by defrosting frozen peas and sweet corn in a bowl adding some cooked roasted veggies (loads of garlic, peppers, carrots, squash etc) lots of herbs then I add the dried cous cous and enough boiling water to go about a cm above the cous cous and put a plate on top an leave it for about 20mins for the cous cous to puff up. Then add enough olive oil to make a dressing.”

Lauren said “I love cous cous with a spicy tomato sauce with chicken and chorizo and sweetcorn or if your veggie add chickpeas/ beans. Sprinkle Feta over the top…the Feta makes this meal!!!”

Sara suggests this Moroccan Seed Salad Recipe with ham, fetta and mint.

Stephanie keeps it simple and suggests “Roasted beetroot and couscous as a warm salad mmm!”

Annie goes for a traditional approach with lemon juice, parsley, salt and pepper, likes it with this hearty sauce, stuffs it into baked peppers or serves it with roasted beetroot and carrots.

Gisèle said “I like doing morrocan cous cous with nutmeg cinnamon dried apricots and chickpeas”

Lyn shared a photo of a dish she made for Christmas Eve: “Salmon, onions, couscous, dried cranberries,oranges, cucumber. Make a sauce for the lot from orange juice and cranberry sauce and pour over”

Tamsin likes to mix it up with fruit and veggies!!

Vicky shares her recipe: “Peel and chop a sweet potato. Drizzle with oil and salt. Roast at 220 for 15-20 mins. Cover 100g couscous with 125ml stock. Slice and fry halloumi. Make a sauce with 1 chilli, 1/2 cup each lemon juice and olive oil, 2tsp maple syrup and salt. Toss altogether with a handful of rocket leaves.”

Ruth says “Roast veg (aubergine, onion, mushrooms, peppers), haloumi, with cous cous and a spicy tomato sauce.”

Phew! That will keep me going for a long time and get all that couscous used up with no problem! What’s your favourite dish to create with couscous?


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