You can make a difference to the world – right now!

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rae2How would it feel to make a positive difference in the world, right now?

Sometimes the problems we’re facing can feel so overwhelming, we don’t know where to start, right.

But here’s a simple solution you can do right now, that will make a huge difference and you can feel good about.

Every year I run Zero Waste Week.

2017 will be the tenth year.

But the truth is, and here’s where the pun IS intended- it’s no longer sustainable for me to run it without your help.

Allow me to explain:

I don’t have a PR team, a marketing budget or a team of advisors.

I run this campaign by myself.

Despite this I’ve had global media interest, a mention in parliament, the hashtag trended for two days, the reach this year was over 20 million and it was talked about by GreenPeace, Penguin Books, the BBC and Friends of the Earth.

Not too shabby for a one-woman campaign run from my dining table!

Due to its ever-increasing popularity, the campaign takes me 400 hours each year to run.

That’s time I have to take out of my own business. And frankly, I can’t keep it up without your help.

I’ve tried to get corporate funding and sponsorship, but it’s not been forthcoming.

I run this campaign because I believe in it, but without financial support this is no longer doable, which is why I’m turning to crowdfunding and inviting you to donate.

I’m looking to raise £15,000 to cover some of my time, expertise and commitment. If I can raise over £10,00 I intend to reimburse a wonderful team of ambassador bloggers and social media admins who currently volunteer their support.

So far we’ve reached £4626.

Ruth donated £100. She wrote “Big thanks for taking the lead on zero waste week. I would love it to continue. Thanks for all your hard work.”

Christina wrote “2015 was my 1st Zero Waste Week & I’ve got a long way to go to actually achieve zero waste so I need you to carry on!”

Nicole shared “2014 ZWW was a week that changed my family’s lives for good. I can’t count how many things we’ve changed since then to reduce our waste. Thank you Rachelle for your inspiration and endless support!”

I had this beautiful, heart-warming message from an anonymous donator “I had deleted your email then went on to Methodist lectionary reading for today, the featured hymn was Singing the Faith 727, “God in his love for us lent us this planet”. Your campaign is meant to be”

As one person reminded me “If everyone who took part in Zero Waste Week just gave £1 you’d smash it.”

Will you help me smash it? Do you care enough to make a difference?

Click here to donate.

P.S. the pic is of me yesterday, sitting on a tree in one of my favourite places in nature.

I want to preserve it for future generations, do you?

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