You won’t believe what Rob (@robjgreenfield) is doing with his waste!

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Isn’t it wonderful when you meet someone you truly resonate with in life?

You know the sort of meeting I’m talking about – you instantly ‘get’ one another and share similar values and beliefs. It’s as if you’ve found a kindred spirit – someone you don’t need to explain yourself to – because you just know they’re on the same wavelength.

On Facebook last week, a friend shared a link to a video that had me captivated from start to finish.

It was about a trailer for a documentary set out to ‘prove’ that people are inherently good.

With access to so much newspaper, TV and internet ‘news’, one could be forgiven for thinking the world was a dangerous place, full of nasty people out to get you.

While it can be challenging to retain a positive focus, I do believe that the majority of people are kind, loving and want to do the right thing.

After I’d shed a few tears watching this video, I decided to check out the guy behind the story.

And it’s here I discovered Rob Greenfield.

Describing himself as a humanitarian, activist and adventurer, Rob sets himself crazy challenges and projects to raise awareness of some of the issues that are affecting humans and the planet.

I was particularly interested in his recent ‘Donate Not Dump’ plea to supermarkets in the US, calling on them to donate surplus food to those who need it, rather than sending it to be landfilled or incinerated. This is a topic close to my heart, as it’s believed that one in nine people go to bed hungry while one third food grown on this planet never reaches a human stomach. The maths doesn’t add up, does it? We’re told we’re going to have food shortages in the future, yet, if we re-distributed food properly, I believe there’s a good chance we could feed everyone just fine!

I reached out to Rob over the ether to introduce myself and show my girl fan-ness when he told me about an amazing Zero Waste project he’s launching next month. You might remember back in 2009, my family and I set ourselves the lofty goal of only accumulating one dustbin of waste for the entire year. Everything else was recycled, reused, composted or refused in the first place. It wasn’t an easy year, but we did indeed, achieve our goal.

Rob’s challenge, called the ‘My Trash’ project takes this challenge way further! In fact it makes ours look like a walk in the park. Yes, it involves Rob holding onto his trash instead of ‘throwing it away’ but with a twist. A fearsome twist that only the brave could endure.

I’m not going to spoil it for you, but I promise this challenge will have you glued to the edge of your seat for a month while Rob lives through each day. He’ll be announcing it in the coming weeks.

In the meantime I urge you to check out Rob’s work. You’ll find his website here, and you can follow him on Twitter or Facebook. When the ‘My Trash’ project is officially launched, I’ll make sure you know!

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