5 ways to declutter and make money

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my zero waste - make money online without landfill wasteToday I’m sharing a guest post from Dovilė, the copywriter of ChameleonJohn.com. She has a bachelor degree in communication science and has been professional writer for more than 5 years.

Today she’s sharing ideas for decluttering without creating landfill waste while making some money! Over to Dovilė…

During our lifetime, we collect a lot of stuff. Some of it might be handy for a few years while other items are hidden somewhere deep in our garages after only one use. Your home is probably full of tons of unnecessary and unused stuff which you don’t want to throw away, but don’t really want to keep either. So what can you do?

Sell at a flea market

Flea markets are a paradise for thrifty shoppers who are looking for treasures or something really unique and a bit bizarre. Why not gather all the items you no longer need and register at the next flea market your local community hosts?

You can usually sell handicrafts, second-hand clothes, shoes, books, music records, and toys. Sometimes people manage to sell working home appliances too.

The best thing about local flea markets is the atmosphere is always super friendly so you might make new friends as well as some money!

how to declutter without landfill my zero waste

Sell on websites

If there isn’t a flea market local to you – no problem. There are always online markets. However, the rules are a bit different.

First of all, you definitely need some good quality photos of items you are selling, along with a comprehensive description. It is necessary to have a good lighting for your images, so colours won’t differ too much from ‘real life’. Do not hide flaws and honestly list the item with its advantages, technical data, dimensions and all other necessary information.

eBay is one of the most popular places for online selling.

Sell on social networks

Your old and unused items can find new homes through social networks too.

Friends often share common hobbies: photography, sailing, bicycles and yes – even green thinking. Therefore, sharing the ad in social networks can help you sell faster and is more convenient too. It’s a great way to reach your perfect customer, by tapping in to your friend’s networks.

In addition, Facebook often has local groups for buying and selling.

Host exchange parties

Why not organise a special exchange party in which you gather friends and acquaintances and have fun by getting rid of old things you don’t want any more?

Such parties are handy not only to sell but also to exchange goods. You’re bound to meet other people with the same philosophy as you and find new friends as well!

Once you’ve run one or two parties, widen the circle of people who attend and perhaps even organise a swishing party.

making money without landfill my zero waste

Donate it

Finally, if earning money isn’t working out for you, donate your items to people in need.

Pack everything up and visit a local homeless people centre or women’s shelter. Alternatively, drop everything off at your local charity shop or contact an animal shelter who would probably love old towels and bedding.


Once you’ve decluttered and ready to buy something new I would recommend Kohl’s online coupons. At Kohl’s you can find a special line of green items perfect for eco friendly homeowners, at reduced prices.

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