Happy Recycle Week 2015!

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recycle week logo recycling around the homeHappy Recycle Week 2015!

It was back in 2008 when we launched this site during Recycle Week.

And what a journey it’s been!

Organised by WRAP and Recycle Now, the theme for Recycle Week 2015 is ‘Recycling around the home’.

This is a great theme that you can take on board, regardless of where you’re at.

Are you a complete newbie to recycling? Check out my beginners tips for reducing household waste.

Reckon you’re doing everything you can? Read through Recycling for Pros and see if you really are!

Here are some of the things we do on a daily basis here at Zero Waste Towers to Recycle around the home:

Kerbside Collections

Make full use of your kerbside collections. You have to put the bin out anyway, so adding a box of recyclables is no hardship.

And keep checking your local authority website, as collections change all the time.

For example, over the past year we’ve had food waste collected from our kerbside.

Set up a recycling area

You’ve got to make it easy to recycle at home, otherwise you’ll fail.

Make it EASIER to recycle than throw things away.

Read our ‘How to set up a recycling centre at home‘ for inspiration.

Short on space? Karen uses bags on the back of her kitchen door to separate recyclables. Sian has filled her porch with containers. Find out how other Zero Heroes store their recycling at home.

Bring banks

Once you’ve recycled all you can from the kerbside, it’s time to move further afield.

Check out the brings banks at your local pub, supermarket or community area. Just type your postcode into ‘Recycle Now‘ to find your nearest.

Next time you’re passing by, take a few recyclables with you.

Tools, Tetra Pak cartons and Toys

Most people know they can recycle paper, tins and glass, but what about the more unusual items?

For example, did you know juice cartons are recycled by 91% of local authorities?

Try the Tetra Pak recycling locator to see where you can recycle juice cartons nearby by clicking on the map below:

tetra pak recycling locator

Throughout the site you’ll discover how to recycle old tools, paint and even those annoying polystyrene chips.

What about you – what could you recycle around the home during Recycle Week 2015?

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