How to recycle polystyrene chips and get paid!

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how to recycle polystyrene chipsThis week I was contacted by Chris who wants to give you some money for your old rubbish!

Yes, Chris is willing to pay you a handsome 25p per cubic food to recycle your polystyrene chips. As Mr Green would say “You wouldn’t pass it on the street!”

Chris pays via paypal and you need to pack up and send your unwanted polystyrene chips to:

CDP Services Wirral Ltd
PO Box 42
CH41 8FP

Now I’ve done the maths and by the time you’ve paid for postage and packaging, you’re probably not even going to break even. However, I know many of you are loyal people who want to do your bit for the environment and are willing to put your money where your mouth is.

The polystyrene is going to a worthy cause. Chris and his team repair headsets for the Emergency Services and as such they send and receive around 60 – 100 parcels a day.

The GREAT news is, because the goods are back and forth between them and the Emergency Services the polystyrene chips used for packaging are re-used, on average, 11 times.

If you need further details, please contact Chris direct on 0151 653 8042

What about you – are you willing to pay to do your bit for the environment and dispose of something responsibly?

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