How garden birds can help reduce your waste

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bird nesting materialWho’d have thought it – our feathered friends can help us slim our bin!

Whether it’s providing bird nesting material or food you can reduce your waste and help wildlife at the same time.

Today I’m sharing six household items suitable for nesting material and next week I’ll be sharing ideas for using up kitchen scraps.

Ideas for bird nesting material:

Pet bedding

If you’ve got pets such as guinea pigs or rabbits, don’t be too tidy when cleaning out their hutches as birds will use any bits of straw they find.

Pet fur

If you groom your cat or dog, clean out their brush or comb and stuff the fur into hedges for birds to gather.

Human hair

When you clean out your own hair brush, release the hair go outside for birds to collect (if your hair is very long, cut it into smaller pieces first).


If you’ve raked your garden to remove moss; leave a few bundles around as nesting gifts.

Natural yarn

If you’re a knitter or crocheter, oddments of natural wool will be a welcome addition to nests. Cut yarn into 4-8 inch pieces.

Dryer lint

Dryer lint will provide soft bedding for chicks as long as you use eco washing products (some conventional cleaning products may contain harsh ingredients).

What about you – Please share your additions to the list!

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