It’s British pie week!

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hommity pie recipeAsk a Brit about traditional food and you’ll probably find shepherds pie, steak and kidney pie or apple pie and custard up there in the top ten.

I don’t know about you, but I find pie to be a wonderfully comforting dish.

And it’s versatile too – whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or a meat eater you’ll find something to tantalise your tastebuds.

More than that, you can make a pie for pennies with food you might otherwise throw away. Plus you can make sweet or savoury options.

Why not have a forage through the fridge and see what needs using up during British Pie week? This year the week runs from 3-9 March and it’s all about celebrating one of our most loved traditional British foods.

Check out the vegetable rack and clear out the cupboards at least one evening this week.

Furtle through the fruit bowl and see what’s past its best.

Grab that tablespoon of leftover peas, slice of leftover ham or the wilting carrot that is tugging on your conscience or peel those soft apples and slice up the brown bananas and get creative in the kitchen!

Need inspiration?

Check out the range of pies using leftovers over on the Love Food Hate Waste website.

This hommity pie looks like a great idea!

What about you? What’s your favourite type of pie?

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  1. smallftprints says:

    I hear the words British Pie and drool … although I don’t believe I’ve ever had one. It’s just the whole idea … sounds delicious! Can you recommend any great vegan recipes? I’ve seen recipes for Shepherd’s Pie but I’m guessing that it’s not exactly what you’re talking about here. I’d love to try a traditional pie!

    • Mrs Green says:

      I think any pie goes – we’re not fussy whether it’s made with pastry or mashed potato and shepherd’s pie is one of the nation’s favourites. I’m making sure I get my own vegan recipe to you this week 😉

  2. ah, pie, just what this crazy weather needs to put a stop to vagrant self what if it snows, there is a pie in the oven. it heats up the house, it sends wafts of temptation across rooms, it will comfort the heart and nourish the look at all that room in the fridge..
    items..1 cup of sausage, 3 Tsp of onions, 1/2 c carrots and peas, creamed celery, dollop of sour cream, smidgen of apricot preserves (yes, sweet is fine) and stewed veges from earlier roast..not exactly vegan, but, well rounded. covered the lot with a blanket of crust..for people comfort.

    • Mrs Green says:

      What sort of crazy weather have you experienced this year, Nadine? I guess you might have seen on the news it’s been warm and wet here – very wet for many with lots of flooding in some areas.

      I agree a pie fills the house and tummies with the comforts of home. Thanks for sharing your recipe; I’m wondering what creamed celery is? And yes to apricot jam with savoury cooking, we love it with baked red cabbage 🙂

  3. a spot of jam or preserves, marmalade or chutney can sweeten any vege or meat dressing dish..creamed celery is made of sliced and cooked celery stems; put i cup of milk (or vegetable broth) in a jar, add 3 spoons of wholegrain flour or rice powder..shake well..pour into hot celery and stir for one minute..salt and pepper to taste..
    just make sure you screw on that lid tightly or you may wear your thickening–that’s sickening!

    • Mrs Green says:

      Creamed celery sounds divine – thanks for sharing Nadine; and I promise to keep that lid tightly screwed on 🙂

  4. I make a vegan pie that is especially good on cold/wet/grey days. Fry onions gently in oil till soft and golden, add 250mls red wine, and boil it down, add plenty of thyme, pepper, and a bay leaf. Slice and fry plain mushrooms, add to onion mix. Soak dried mushrooms till soft, chop them and add to onion mix with filtered soaking liquid. Chop some cooked chestnuts (tinned or ac pack as fine) and add to mix. Mix another 100 mls wine with 2 tsps cornflour (cornstarch), and stir into mix. Taste for salt. Cook in pastry shell (puff is really good) or top with mashed potatoes and bake till hot and browned.

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