The Zero Waste Solution is here!

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The ZeroWaste SolutionIt’s a little known fact that my hero worship is a teeny bit different to that of most women.

Sure, I’ll give Keanu Reeves a nod in a bar and I wouldn’t kick Jonny Depp out bed but what really gets me going is a man who uses his passion to make a difference in the world..

And I’m thrilled to announce that one of my personal heroes has just released a book with Chelsea Green publishers.

Paul Connett is a scientist-turned-activist who has travelled the world giving talks about waste. I’ve been lucky enough to hear him talk three times AND meet the guy – woohoo!

And now he’s penned “The Zero Waste Solution”.

With endorsements from a plethora of red-carpet georgeousness such as Jeremy Irons, Annie Leonard and Theo Colborn (president of TEDX), The Zero Waste Solution is packed with examples from around the world of successful zero waste initiatives, from the Cwm Harry ‘slow recycling’ project in Wales to how San Francisco achieved 80% diversion from landfill by last October.

It’s an inspiring read of how things could be if we all worked together towards a common goal.

His talks are brimming with passion and enthusiasm and this book is no less a fast paced, hard hitting, inspiring read.

Once you’ve read it you’ll never want to throw anything in the bin again, because you KNOW there is a better solution!

In addition to showing how zero-waste status can be achieved, Paul exposes the greenwashing behind renewed efforts to promote waste incinerators as safe, nontoxic energy suppliers…Paul connett author of the zero waste solution
Chapter two outlines his ‘ten steps towards a zero waste community’ which he states as:

1. Source separation

2. Door-to-door collection systems

3. Composting

4. Recycling

5. Reuse, repair, and deconstruction

6. Waste reduction initiatives

7. Economic incentives

8. Residual separation and research facilities

9. Better industrial design

10. Interim landfills

And in chapter one he has this to say about the FOUR Rs:

In my talks to communities fighting incinerators I have had some fun at the expense of high-paid consultants who push incinerators and landfills. I say that they are thinking with the wrong end of their bodies. They are what I call “back-end thinkers.”

The back-end thinker comes home and finds the bathtub is overflowing so he (and it usually is a he) quickly grabs a cup to empty it.

That doesn’t work, so he grabs a bucket, then a foot pump, and then an electric pump—all in a vain effort to empty the bathtub before it damages the floor.

Then his wife comes home and switches off the tap.

She is a “front-end thinker”!

Many front-end thinkers have long embraced what have come to be known as the three Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle)—but when it comes to waste, which is ultimately a design problem, we need to add another R to the lexicon: redesign.

As you can see, although he’s highly qualified, Paul keeps his words down to earth, entertaining and most importantly, passionate and solutions-based.

I’ll be giving away a copy at the end of January, so make sure you’re signed up to the zero waste week newsletter.

But if you can’t wait to get your mitts on a copy, you can buy “The Zero Waste Solution” from Amazon.

Have you read the book or heard Paul speak?

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