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Shop around for the best prices on mobile phone recycling

We’ve talked about recycling mobile phones several times before – not only do you prevent valuable resources ending up in landfill, but you can make money too!

Today Daniel from Onbay is here to share his tips on getting the best price from your mobile phone recycler…

A quick play around with Google search will bring to light just how many comparison websites there are.

Do a search for “sell my mobile”, “recycle my phone” or even “best price mobile phone recyclers” and you’ll be inundated with results. Some are quite well known and some are sat in the murky depths of page 10 and beyond.

“Can I trust this website?”, “Do they really offer the best prices?”, “Are they actually impartial?” are racing through your mind – and quite rightly too, you could be moments away from making a fair amount of money! It’s not all about comparing mobile phone recyclers any more – you’ve got to compare the comparisons too!

Impartial recycling comparison

The job of a mobile phone recycling comparison website is to show you the price you can get if you sell your mobile phone to one of many recyclers.

The key to getting the best deal is to make sure the comparison website remains impartial; it’s fine when there’s a business partnership that actually makes your more money, like the OnBay Recycle ‘exclusive’ recycler scheme.

If, however, it just means the recyclers’ name is stuck in a box at the top of the page, regardless of whether they’re actually going to pay the most for your phone or even worse, how utterly dreadful their pricing practices are, then the whole benefit of comparing prices flies right out of the window and might as well lie in the landfill with the rest of the rubbish.

Ratings you can trust

OnBay Recycle have developed the ‘starfish rating’ system. It’s based on the feedback from two huge online rating systems online rating systems as well as the benefits the recycler will provide to the customer and their historic relationship with us.

We’d like to think people not only go for the highest price but use their wisdom to take into account the starfish rating too. Is it really worth chancing an extra £5 for a poorly reviewed recycler? You can trust OnBay to provide all of the information you need to make your own judgement on who to sell your phone to.


At OnBay Recycle we’ve made our site easy to navigate, informative and impartial. Sound simple enough? Well, when you’ve got a team like ours it is. All we want to do is find the best prices online so you can get the financial rewards you deserve once you’ve moved on from that old phone or gadget.

We don’t just compare phone prices either, we’re making thousands of people richer by letting them compare prices for things like Tablets, Laptops, MP3 Players, Sat Navs and Cameras.

OnBay Recycle is everything you need and more

Come and check us out – even for a bit of window shopping! You can follow our…’comical!’ updates on our Facebook : OnBay UK if you like, or just tell your friends that there’s more places to go when they want to make a bit of money. And who doesn’t like more money?!

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