Gizzi Erskine joins zero waste week!

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Gizzi Erskine makes her zero waste week pledge

Welcome to National Zero Waste Week 2012!

We have over 800 people signed up on Facebook and some amazing politicians, celebs and industry leaders on board.

MRW, the leading magazine on waste and recycling, have created a gallery of people taking part and gave me space in the latest edition of their magazine to address industry leaders about waste.

I mentioned our personal pledges a couple of weeks ago and I know a few of you are tackling food waste along with me. Ian, over on our Facebook events page is taking an inventory and planning meals around the food he finds.

I’m doing a similar thing and have put my whiteboard back into action. This week I’ll be using up a tiny block of cheese (the amount I would have normally thrown away in my pre-waste free life), a slice of ham bought from the deli (I’m never really sure how long to keep ham but always err on the side of caution), some odds and ends from tins – sweetcorn, salmon and I have some plums to use up too – these tend to go off extremely quickly.

Demuth’s pledge

I had the pleasure of meeting Rachel Demuth from the vegetarian cookery school in Bath last month. She has taken the zero food waste pledge too and is a leading example of how businesses can make a difference.

Rachel runs both a cookery school, teaching people how to make inspiring vegetarian dishes at home, and Demuths restaurant in Bath. She explained “At the restaurant and cookery school, we recycle as much as we possibly can, but our sticking point has been food waste; mostly from the veg prep.

We have not found anyone to take it away every day for composting. Fortunately Kirsty Morris joined us as commi chef this summer and through Transition Bath is now taking bags of vegetable peelings to The Bath area growers project to compost on her way home!

So for the zero waste week, we will pledge to take all our food waste from Demuths and the Vegetarian Cookery School to be composted.”

Isn’t this a wonderful pledge?

Gizzi Erskine’s zero waste week pledge

Another person taking a zero food waste pledge is food writer, chef and television presented Gizzi  Erskine. She’s pledged “I will dedicate a night of the week to polishing off things in the fridge. By this I will make leftover suppers or simply reheat anything left over or use up store cupboard stuff that takes over space.

I wonder what she’ll make? Some of our favourite dishes have been those ‘accidental’ meals created from leftovers.

Mrs A’s pledge

What would zero waste week be without Mrs A on board? She’s set herself a huge challenge this year and will be rolling up her sleeves in the kitchen.

She’s drowning in gadgets and clutter which means the thought of standing in her kitchen to prepare a meal has her running to the nearest takeaway. Meanwhile all the food she’s bought with good intentions languishes in the fridge and eventually goes off.

So in order to prevent future food waste she needs to rummage through the cupboards and get rid of the clutter first. Phew! Good luck Mrs A!

What about you – are any of you reducing food waste this week?

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