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James Averdieck, TV presenter and founder of Gu puds

There’s something lurking in chiller cabinets at a store near you.

They are decadent, delicious and delectable.

Little Miss Green has been on at me to buy some ever since she first laid eyes on them and with zero waste week in full swing I can hardly refuse.

Gu Puds bring a taste of chocolate heaven to your meal and each pudding come in a glass ramekin dish!

That’s right; no plastic packaging, no film lids, no unidentifiable rubbish to wrestle with – convenience AND zero waste ready for you to eat. This week they were half price in our local store so it was time to stock up on chocolate soufflé…

Little Miss Green gives her Gu pud the thumbs up

But that’s not all. James Averdieck, founder of Gu puds presents “Cooks to Market” which starts tonight on Sky with Gizzi Erskine and he’s sent in his own zero waste week pledge. He said ” I will make a pledge to set up a proper recycling area so I can make full use of my kerbside collections.” Yay!

Gizzi is also on board with her pledge to create her own ‘Use it up!’ meal during the week and I can’t wait to see what she’ll make.

You can read more about “Cooks to market” on James’s site. Each episode features two pairs of cooks who will be given a budget and have a day to cook their products and another day to sell their products to the public. The pair who make the biggest profit will be given the opportunity to pitch their product in front of a line-up of industry buyers.

My personal zero waste week pledge is about food waste too and here’s what I’ve been up to. In the fruit bowl was a brown banana. I also found three stale bread rolls that everyone was refusing to eat and the end of the cream pot from last Sunday which was about to turn yellow and crispy infront of my eyes.

As you know, my two demand something lovely for Sunday lunch pudding and, even though I’d got some Gu puds in the fridge as promised, I wasn’t about to let our banana, bread and cream go to waste – not this week of all weeks!

I ended up making the most amazing, comfort food – banana and chocolate bread and butter pudding. I think Mr Green ate half the bowl and looked at me with puppy dog eyes and a rather round tummy afterwards. Here’s my recipe:

Banana and chocolate bread and butter pudding:


3 stale rolls, cut into thirds lengthways and buttered (around 200 gms in total)
1 brown banana, thinly sliced
leftover bits of chocolate, roughly chopped (probably about 50gms in total)
Mix of cream and milk – around 300mls in total to which you add 1 beaten egg and a dash of vanilla extract
Tablespoon demerera sugar


Butter the bread / rolls and cut into triangles
Place 1/3 of the bread into a greased dish
Top with 1/2 sliced bananas, 1/2 the chopped chocolate and pour over 1/3 of the milk and cream mix
Press it all down with your hands so the lovely mix soaks into the bread
Repeat with a layer of buttered bread, the rest of the bananas, the rest of the chocolate and a 1/3 of the milk mix
Press it all down again – it gets to be squidgy, messy fun by this stage
Top with the final pieces of buttered bread, pour over the remaining milk mix and sprinkle the sugar on top
Chill for an hour
Put the dish into a roasting dish and pour water in half way up the side then bake at 180 for 40 minutes

This recipe is so adaptable, you could make a vegan version by using veggie margarine instead of butter, omitting the egg and replacing the milk / cream with soya, almond or coconut varieties. And any seasonal fruit would work well…

What do you think? Should I apply for ‘Cooks to market’? I can see it now “Mrs Green’s ‘Use it up!’ banana beauty” 😉

What about you? Have you discovered a favourite ‘Use it up!’ dish this week?

Richly comforting chocolate and banana bread and butter pudding



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  1. Loving the ZERO Waste Week! I’ll be doing something on The Blissful Beet too. I wish we would wake up and realize how much our consumerism really costs and whom and what it really affects! Good on you for starting this movement. May it continue all year!

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