Harriet and the Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network

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Harriet Wild from the Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network

Harriet Wild from the Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network

Last week I introduced you to the Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network.

What marks out a really worthy project enough to draw attention for funding?

If its drive, enthusiasm and belief in change that will benefit the community and environment, then WREN has a formidable asset in Harriet.

We spoke to Harriet last week on skype and heard first hand about the Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network. She explained to us about how the project is combining several local activities and amenities into a real community of energy saving actions. Everything from helping the small householder to maximise on energy usage to rolling out large projects such as wind, solar and tidal electricity generation.

WREN is an expansive project that seeks to increase sustainable energy generation in the Wadbridege area. This will provide a valuable benefit to the community not only financially, but by creating a sense of social involvement in a project with far reaching benefits beyond the locale.

We heard about a launderette that has converted their electricity source to solar. Imagine that, sunshine used to wash and dry washing 21Century style! A school that wants to provide 35Kw of solar energy and a solar allotment scheme that acquires prime positions to install solar panels and share the benefits to the community. Moreover, a town council that shares in a vision to promote and finance a better future through sustainable living.

So what really sets this project apart? Clever minds provide convincing arguments and good business projections. WREN has done this and already started the process of acquiring funds and implementing renewable components. Above all a community project must have a democratic process that is driven with passion and enthusiasm to engage the people and inspire them into participation.

Listening to Harriet makes you want to go to Wadebridge and just get immersed in something that is vital and compelling. This is what we need today, a project with conviction and life. Well done Harriet, you’re a superb ambassador for WREN. May the wind catch your turbines and the sun give you light for a bright future!

Please support their work. If you vote for them, they could win £100k to take their project forward to the next level. Their plans include:

– Providing solar panel installations for business and domestic users up to 1Mw
– Building a solar allotment
– Building 2 wind turbines to providing 2-3Mw
– Facilitating renewable electric transport
– Tidal stream generation
– Biomass heat and power

this is a sponsored opportunity on behalf of British Gas

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