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Shedwyn wants you to Stand up for recycling - out on the street

Shedwyn wants you to Stand up for recycling - out on the street

Recycle week takes place 20-26th June and marks the 3 year anniversary of the launch of My Zero Waste!

This years theme is ‘Recycling – Home and Away’. It’s all about the positive cumulative effect we can all make by recycling just a little bit more; whether it’s doing more of what we already do at home or starting to recycle at work or while out and about.

As part of the campaign week, Recycle Now and Keep Britain Tidy are partnering with some local councils throughout the UK. During the week they will be encouraging people not only to pick up litter but to recycle any plastic bottles and cans they find.

Now I know most of you are pros at recycling at home so this week is your opportunity to improve your eco credentials when out and about. Do you sneak things into the work bins when no one is looking or pop things into a litter bin when you’re out shopping? Or do you bring things home to recycle because you don’t know what to do with things when away from home?

This week Mrs A has enlisted the help of someone very special. Her best friend Shedwyn wants to send you on a mission! She wants you to find your local recycle-on-the-go bins and take a photo or video of you using it. You can post your videos and photos on the new facebook page, “Stand up for recycling – out on the street“.

Shedwyn, Mrs A and I are hoping to gather some serious buzz about this campaign and between now and the last day of National zero waste week (11th September 2011) we want to see 1000 photos on the Facebook page. That’s 12 weeks to get your on-the-go bins photogenic and to take your pics.

This crazy idea came about because Lucy Siegle of the Observer finally outed Mrs A as someone who was happy to embarrass her kids by taking photos of municipal trash cans when on holiday. A big hint about Mrs A’s obsession was probably her recent ‘The Kids’ trashy holiday challenge“. But taking photos of recycling bins and trash cans is surely something we all do; isn’t it? Erm, isn’t it?

This campaign will unite waste geeks across the world to come out of the closet and be proud to be seen recycling in public.

The aim is to raise awareness that you can recycle on the go. There are on-street recycling bins all across the country and your mission is to seek them out, get them noticed and take their photos or do a short video of you using them. Be as creative as you like. The challenge is also calling for artists to submit drawings & paintings as well as stand-up comedians and performers to strut their stuff  by a recycling bin too.  So be prepared to be entertained.

All content submitted will be entered into a competition, details of which will be announced here at the end of July.

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