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Craft ideas for repurposing jigsaw puzzle pieces

Craft ideas for repurposing jigsaw puzzle pieces

Happy Sunday lovelies!

What a beautiful morning it is here at zero waste towers today.

After a busy week with the media I’m happy to pass the buck and share some great recycling links from across the net. Tonight, if you’re up around 11pm I’ll be talking to Stephen Nolan on BBC Radio 5 Live about our 2010 year of (not quite) zero waste so tune in if you can.

If you’ve read a great story about reducing, reusing, recycling or composting, please share it in the comments below.

Recycling plastic

This week I found a great photo via planetpals about recycling.

It’s their Handy Visual Guide to recycle plastic and shows you examples of each of the seven codes.

Recycling jigsaw puzzles

I’ve met a lovely lady on Twitter who is the editor of Free Kids Crafts.

As any parent will testify, ending up with the correct amount of pieces in a jigsaw box after a couple of years is a rare and wondrous thing.

Betty who is Grandmother to 9, has come up with two pages of crafts to help you repurpose jigsaw pieces.

Sustainable living

Over on Alternet, Jill Richardson has posed the question “Do We Have to Live Like Peasants to Be Truly Sustainable?”

In this long article, Jill muses on finding the happy medium between living as a poor peasant in an adobe hut and living in a McMansion while driving a Hummer.

Next week I’ll be sharing details of my decluttering week and there will be another nostalgic frugal recipe made from war time rations; don’t miss it!

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