What do a carrier bag and chandelier have in common?

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Jane's upcycled creation from plastic bags and a chandelier

Jane's upcycled creation from plastic bags and a chandelier

I was privileged to be asked to judge a fantastic reuse competition this month.

Karen, over on Makers Online ran her “Trash to treasure upcycling”  and the lucky winner could win £200.

Karen describes upcycling as the art of turning something that would otherwise go in the bin into a brand new object. Items that designers use include old magazines, vintage fabrics and even broken ceramics.

I was amazed by the quality of all the entries. Every participant deserved to win. From bracelets made from sugar tongs to ring pull bracelets to a stunning pair of knickers made from a wedding dress ALL the entries were magnificent.

However, I had to choose just one person and in the end I selected Jane who made a stunning piece of glamorous evening wear from carrier bags and bits from an old chandelier! Jane, who has been crafting since she was little now has 2 young children of her own, and decided to turn her interest into a business called “Hooked Yarn“. She loves using materials others wouldn’t consider such as video and cassette tape and plastic bags! You can find some of her creations for sale via her Folksy Shop.

I awarded Jane the prize for three reasons:
First, Jane used up carrier bags and these are one of my personal bug bears; so turning them into something more palatable and keeping them from becoming litter gets my vote!
Second, all the other materials that made her beautiful creation were old charity shop finds and she even used parts of an old chandelier; which is *so* innovative.
Third, her final creation is stunning. Definitely something I would wear myself and who would ever guess what it was made from? It proves that upcycled items can be stylish and chic and it isn’t all about kids junk modelling projects.

Well done to everyone; in my eyes you are all winners and I’m sure you have inspired many people by your creations. And thank you to Karen for running the competition and promoting the recycling issue.

When she was told she had won, Jane said “Having seen some of the other entries in this competition I’m amazed, shocked and utterly delighted to have been chosen; thank you so much!”

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