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Chantal Cooke - Passion for the Planet

Chantal Cooke - Passion for the Planet

What happens when the top rated green radio shows from the UK and the US get together?

Over on Green is Good Fm the other week, John and Mike interviewed Chantal Cooke from Passion for the Planet and what a great show it was!

Chantal’s show started in 2002, way before green was mainstream. Ahead of her time, Chantal felt there were lots of ways we could live a more ethical, sustainable and fulfilling life but some people don’t know what options and opportunities are available. Chantal created her show filled with useful and inspiring information for her listeners to make informed choices.

“Passion for the Planet” airs 24/7 and is a mix of music and interviews. Far from being preachy or ‘worthy’, Chantal’s mission is ‘no chanting, no preaching and no knitting your own muesli’ in other words, she delivers solutions for a green and healthy lifestyle without the guilt, preferring fun to deliver her message.

Chantal’s grandparents began her fascination with things ‘green’ by their love of plants. Chantal remembers as a child breaking off plants, sticking them in a bit of soil and being amazed to see them grow. Growing up in London, looking at plants and feeding the birds was quite a revelation. Her parents have always been the sort to take responsibility and instilled the message that our actions have an impact, either positive or negative.

Like us, Chantal focuses on solutions. Sure we have to mention the horrible stuff that is going on in the world sometimes, but essentially Chantal promotes an inspirational, obtainable and fun attitude towards life where green is a positive side effect. She uses this approach because she feels scare mongering paralyses people. Chantal wants her listeners to just take some action! It doesn’t matter how small or seemingly insignificant that action is as Chantal believes we can all bring about change.

In the future, Chantal wants to continue building her radio station. She is also creating a brand new resource called “Passion for fresh ideas“. Here she will be uploading the 6000 interviews she has done over the past 8 year to create an ‘on demand’ resource for people to make her green content even more accessible.

Have a listen to the show and tell me what you think.

Remember that on September 18th, we will be on Good is Green FM along with Andy from “Do the green thing

Now, while you’re listening I need to start writing. Chantal asked me to write a blog post for her ages ago about our crisp packet recycling scheme. Sorry Chantal; I’ve been too busy listening to your great show 😉

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