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The Greens welcome you to our sunday roundup!

The Greens welcome you to our sunday roundup!

Welcome to another Sunday round up.

Here you’ll be able to catch up with the week’s reduce, reuse, recycle and composting stories.

How to reuse a candlestick

We started the week with Mr Green’s cunning reuse idea. I spotted him out in the sunshine with a glass of wine, showing off his creative genius. Come and take a look at Mr Green’s amazing reuse idea for an old candlestick and tell us your own reuse ideas.

Shopping without waste

On Tuesday I showed you what a typical weeks shopping looks like for us. One of the questions most people want to know the answer to is HOW you can reduce your waste. It all starts before you reach the checkout as we show in our “How to shop without creating waste” post. What about you – what tips do you have for reducing food packaging?

Come closer

On Wednesday I made you an offer you couldn’t refuse. I asked you all to sniff my armpits. After a month of trialling a new, zero waste deodorant I was confident you’d find me as fresh as a spring daisy. Finding beauty products without waste isn’t always easy – what are your solutions?

Dr Paul Connett

Exciting news for Gloucestershire people! Dr Paul Connett is in town. If you missed his last talk in Stroud about incineration and his zero waste vision, then you can catch up with him again. Come and find out when Paul Connett will be speaking about zero waste and let me know if you intend to go as I’ll be there too!

Food waste

This week I had enough wasted food to feed an army. Come and find out what food I had to throw away and why I had to do it. Tell me – how much food waste did you throw away this week?

Coming up

Next week, you’ll be able to find out how Little Miss Green got herself covered in pig poo and how that had a knock on effect on landfill, I’ll be reviewing an inspiring film and you’ll be able to read all about my latest extravagant shopping spree.

Compost awareness week

You may also be aware that the coming week is Recycle Now’s “Compost awareness week” Last year we ran a week of special composting posts, which you can read here:

Community Composting.
Composting for beginners.
Tips for using bokashi bins.
How to tame slimy compost.
Dealing with fruit flies in compost.
Is ink from printed paper toxic in the compost heap?
I don’t have room to compost!

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