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Dr Paul Connett in GloucestershireWe don’t have a guest post this week because I need to tell you about an important guest talk!

Back in February, we travelled to Stroud to hear Dr Paul Connett’s “zero waste and sustainability” speech which covers incineration and his vision for a zero waste future.

The talk was edifying, passionate, dynamic and I learned so much.

People in Gloucestershire will be aware that we are still in the dark as to whether we are getting an incinerator or not. One of the earmarked sites for ‘some kind of waste technology’ is in Quedgely.

Fortunately, Prof. Paul Connett will be returning to Gloucestershire on 11th May to speak about “ZERO WASTE”.  The meeting will be chaired by Mr. Ian Mean, Editor of the Citizen and hey, guess what? It’s being held in Quedgley!

Paul covers how zero waste puts the taxpayer on the same side as the environment and discusses how we can put our money into recovering resources, rather than wasting or destroying them.

The talk is on Tuesday 11th May 2010 at Quedgley Community Centre, School lane, Quedgeley, Glos. GL2 4PJ.
It starts at 7pm and you can get there from 6:30pm for a cup of tea or coffee.

If you missed Dr Connett’s talk in February, I would highly recommend you get along to the one in May.

Mr Green wants to go to hear it all again, so it looks like we will be there!

Let me know if you’re going and we can meet up …

Entry is free and I promise you will come away feeling enthusiastic and inspired. Even if you can’t go yourself, please help spread the word.

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