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Mallards pike in the forest of dean

Mallards pike in the forest of dean

I’m afraid this post won’t be very interesting unless you live in my neck of the woods.

The Forest Of Dean District Council are asking residents to share their opinions about waste and recycling in a new survey. 3,000 paper copies of the survey have been distributed to houses at random with the lastest council tax mailing (equating to 1 in every 12th household).

If you didn’t receive a paper survey you can still take part and I would urge you to get your voice heard.

The survey can be completed online via the Forest of Dean District Council website or a paper survey can be sent out if required (send your details to [email protected]). If you know someone who would like to take part and not on the internet, they can call the waste team on 01594 812416.

The survey only takes 5 minutes to complete and covers your views about the current recycling facilities along with the opportunity for you to say what you would like in the future. Do you want plastic bottles collected from the kerbside? Tetra Pak cartons collected? Take part and make your opinion known.

There are 36,000 households, housing 83,000 residents in the Forest of Dean. Last year we sent 21,000 tonnes of waste to landfill; the rest was composted or recycled. We can decrease the amount of landfill waste if we make recycling easier for residents, so join in and tell the council how recycling could be easier for you.

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