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Gareth Mitchell, founder of tree2mydoor

Gareth Mitchell, founder of tree2mydoor

This is our second guest post by Gareth Mitchell from tree2mydoor.com

Last time, Gareth was in the mood for love and shared some ideas for Valentine’s day. This time he’s got a bit of a bee in his bonnet about wasteful packaging and wants to tell us about some of the time and attention that has gone into the packaging for his range of products.

Not many people will admit to loving gift packaging but I do. Not a typical gift box and filler that usually engulfs gifts but when a business has spent as much time on reducing that packaging as they have on the product inside.

I’ve noticed a drive on the high street to reduce unnecessary packaging with Easter Eggs and coffee being the latest in a line of products taking steps to be greener and help people reducing their weekly waste entering landfills. Of course, none are as simple or brilliant as this pizza box of the future.

The trouble is that so many retailers still use standard packaging that is completely unnecessary. When we set up a company selling tree gifts, we didn’t want to follow suit, so we took the unique approach of designing our own gift box from scratch. We knew that, as an eco-friendly business, it had to reflect the natural gift inside and be a central part of our green philosophy.

From day one, reducing gift waste was a major objective for tree2mydoor.com. We’ve gone to the lengths of designing and developing brand new gift boxes to ensure our trees are well protected, reduce the amount of unnecessary packaging waste and to make the whole Tree2mydoor gift experience really special for recipients of our trees. They’re also 100% recyclable.

Of course when you’re designing packaging from scratch, you can have a little fun at the same time which is why I was inspired by the classic Loony Tunes cartoons. Those classic ACME boxes that just fell away in Road Runner cartoons were exactly what I had in mind when creating our tree gift box and I think we’ve succeeded in creating something that not only reduces waste but is also quite fun.

As tree gift specialists, we constantly hear from our customers the benefits of buying a living gift for loved ones. Instead of flowers or chocolates that last only days (or maybe only minutes!), they understand a tree gift is one for life. Starting just a few metres tall, our trees grow into full size with a bit of love and attention meaning that special person can enjoy the gift year after year.

So the next time you’re buying a gift for someone, consider the implications of the waste packaging and maybe it might be a better option to consider a natural gift.


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