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The latest news roundup from my zero waste

The latest news roundup from my zero waste

Morning folks; it seems the great thaw is with us! We went from a few inches snow on the ground to virtually nothing over the weekend.

Let’s hope that’s it for this year and spring is now on the way.

We’ve had another great week here at zero waste towers; let’s see what we’ve been up to …

Feed the birds

We started the week by thinking of our feathered friends. With the ground covered in snow, it’s very hard for a lot of them to find food. You can help them and they can help you by diverting some of your potential food waste from the landfill. Find out exactly which food scraps you can feed birds.

Recycle your mobile for charity

1.3 billion people across the world own a mobile phone. Sadly, only 4% of all unused mobile phones in the UK are currently recycled. If you have an old mobile phone hiding in a drawer or cupboard you can stop it ending up in landfill AND benefit charity at the same time. Find out how to recycle your mobile phone for charity.

Plastic toys in landfill

As any parent will know, cheap plastic toys can be pretty hazardous for landfill. Not only do they spend years rotting down, but all but the best plastic toys end up broken within weeks at best, minutes at worst – delivering nothing but disappointment. Find out which toy Little Miss Green found broken this week.

Buying in bulk reduces waste

Another way to reduce landfill packaging is to  buy from bulk scoop bins. We used to have a lot around here, but they are gradually dwindling. What about you? Can you buy in  bulk where you are and use your own reusable bags and containers?

Zero waste Valentine’s Day

Cupid’s polishing his bow and arrow ready for Feb 14th. But rather than a celebration of love, Valentines’ Day can leave a legacy of landfill stuff. Find out how to enjoy a zero waste Valentine’s Day and come and add your own suggestions to the list!

Our bin collection

We were all geared up for our first bin collection in a year this week. Find out why I cried into my bin as I bid her a final farewell. As it happened, she’s still here due to weather conditions, but my sentiment about landfill and waste is still the same as it was when we produced the You Tube videos for this article.

Recycling paper

One of the number one reasons that puts people off recycling is confusing or conflicting information. I came across such information this week when I was forced to ask the question, is paper recyclable or not?

Buy concentrated products

As well as buying from a Food Co-op or selecting from self serve bulk scoop bins, buying concentrated products helps reduce packaging waste. What products do you buy in concentrated form?

Too much!

Our guest post this week came from Marieke who caused quite a stir with her confessions of a shopper. Many of you came along to admit that you too, were lured by the lovely things in shops and it turned into an ‘I want!’ frenzy. Find out how to tame your inner consumer with Marieke’s post.

Food waste Friday

Being snowed in has been an interesting time for our food waste. Find out if it increased or decreased this week and share your experiences too. Is there something you regularly buy that ends up being dumped? Do you have picky eater who push food around their plates or are you someone who uses up every last scrap of food?

This week, one of our biggest referrers came from Alex Renton’s great article “Good Riddance to bad rubbish” in the Times. He challenged his family to reduce their food waste. When they did an audit, they realised they were ditching a massive 6kg of food in the landfill. Find out how he got on and which tools he used to go from 6kg to zero.

Next week we have some very exciting news to share with you; I can hardly contain myself, but I need to do a few more phonecalls and tweaks first before I can share what we are going to be up to. Be sure to keep up with the latest news as it appears on the site. You can plug in to our RSS feed or get notification by email – you’ll find the tools over on the right hand menu.

If you fancy a bit of entertainment, take a look at one of our old videos. Reminded by Alex’s 6kg – zero food waste challenge, we kept our rubbish for a week which weighed 10kg and Little Miss Green showed me how to reduce it to less than 100gms of landfill waste by recycling and composting all we could. Take a trip down memory lane with us and see how we keep our landfill waste to a minimum every week!


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