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The Garage at the end of the first day of  recycle week

The Garage at the end of the first day of recycle week

We’ve got back from the recycling centre, had some dinner and are forming an orderly queue for a hot bath. Little Miss Green has been fed, washed and is in bed, while Mr Green and I have been reflecting on the day’s activities.

All in all, save for nearly falling 8 feet into an inspection pit and finding 20 feet of mouldy carpet in the garage, it’s been a pretty successful day.

Poor Mr Green put his back out lifting the carpet so is not in the best of moods, but it’s nothing a nice cold  beer won’t put right. At least it will numb the pain.

The only one who seems to be bouncing around full of energy is Little miss green. Even the cat looks tired from all the disruption and my inbox is packed full of requests for all the items we have offered today for me to sort through.

I’ve done a short ‘end of day’ video – it’s not a pretty sight!


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