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sunday roundupWe’ve made it through the winter, folks! This will be the final winter roundup for this year! We’ve had another great week at Chez Green with lots going on and plenty of action on the site.

We began the week with our You Tube video showcasing a week’s worth of rubbish. Our burgeoning bin weighed 10 kgs and Little Miss Green challenged me to get it below 100 gms of landfill waste. Find out how we got on.

On Tuesday I shared a nifty piece of software that Robert over at the stop junk mail site has created. In less than a minute you can reduce your junk mail by 11.3 kgs a year by opting out of junk mail and telephone books. Find out how to sign up here.

On Wednesday we gathered around the hearth to share some zero waste Mother’s Day gifts. You came along and shared your plans too. Come and add your thoughts to the thread.

Thursday is now ‘Get off your arse Thursday‘ and we want you to join in. Find out how to get involved and make sure you circle your diary for next week’s exciting instalment. Poppy won our award this week for most enterprising day, so try your luck next week and see if you can be the proud owner of an award that doesn’t yet exist because I thought it up on the spot.

Next week is National Butcher’s week. I wanted you to dish the dirt on your local butcher to find out whether they were a good sort and if they would put your chosen wares into your own reusable containers. Come and tell us all about your experiences so that we can give a hearty cheer to those who support a zero waste Britain.

I finished the week in style by having a bit of a blah moment. They strike us all from time to time when we stop and question what we’re doing and have a good old ‘what’s the point’ moan. Having got everything off my chest and reading all your lovely comments I’m back on my perch and raring to begin another week.

Next week I have no idea what’s in store! I’ve planned nothing, so I’d better put my thinking cap on and see what’s news. I’m sure it will be something or other not to be missed πŸ˜‰

Have a great Sunday and thanks for being here.



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I am a long time supporter of the Green and Sustainable lifestyle. After being caught in the Boscastle floods in 2004, our family begun a journey to respect and promote the importance of Earth's fragile ecosystem, that focussed on reducing waste. Inspired by the beauty and resourcefulness of this wonderful planet, I have published numerous magazine articles on green issues and the author of four books.

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  1. Sandra Jones says:

    No, actually we thank YOU for being here. No matter what the day brings, even a quarter of the world away, I can always count on you to put a smile on my face first thing in the morning. You are appreciated for the lessons you share with all of us, and for letting us into your life. Thank you!

  2. John Costigane says:

    Hi Mrs Green,

    We are coming to Summer Time, 28-29/3, when the clocks go forward. It is always a transition period when the body removes all signs of hibernation. Long sleeps are still the norm for me, soon to stop.

    There is bound to be a quiet spell of adjustment but activity will increase as the summer arrives. There were some fine events last year and they should be even bigger this time round.

    The Butcher’s topic was my favourite this week. All we see on the media is people saying home cooking is on the rise. I even saw an Ecover container in someone’s kitchen, in an unrelated programme. Easter Egg Zero Waste that bit nearer. There is plenty of positive change which we have all been part of, permanent change.

  3. Mrs Green says:

    @Sandra Jones: Hi Sandra, what a lovely comment – thank you so much! It’s a two way street; without all of you visiting and sharing your comments, I’d be talking to myself and would probably have given up long ago.
    Have a wonderful day xx

    @John Costigane: Hi John, my long sleeping has been replaced with getting up with the birds at about 6am. We are blessed to live in an area where I’m woken up by the dawn chorus and the calling of lambs. Glad you liked the butcher article πŸ™‚

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