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get off your arse thursdayWelcome to one of my favourite parts of the week! We open our doors to you at Chez green and invite you to step inside the tunnel of procrastination with us. Any ‘pending’ jobs you have which could help you reduce your rubbish sent to landfill is going to have the spotlight shone upon it today.

I don’t care how big or small your pending list is, today is the day to pick just one job that you could achieve. It might be to change a shopping purchase to something with less packaging, ditch a landfill sin, recycle one more thing, figure out a system to help you remember your reusable shopping bags, make a zero waste card or gift for someone or start a compost heap – the possibilities are endless.

Last week Mrs J planned to start some seed sowing in the plastic trays she had been collecting but alas was called from the garden to nurse her poorly children. Carole policed her school’s paper recycling bins and was finishing out offenders such as cardboard and orange peel from them! Sarah was busy rummaging through her shed for her paper potter while John was doing a spot of sunbathing digging the garden.

Maisie was busy sorting out her boys clothes and donating them to various resources while Sandy was digging the garden and making some tasty sounding zero waste soup. Over in the East, Mrs A was delivering her recycling to her local bring bank. Across the pond, Jen was sowing her first tomato seeds!

To top it all off, Poppy bought glad tidings when she announced that her local council will be collecting ‘light kitchen cardboard’ at the kerbside from next month. Yay!wooden hangers to reduce landfill waste

The award for bestest in the class for last week goes to Maisie. Sorting through wardrobes of outworn clothes is an arduous task that I regularly procrastinate over and brings me out in a cold sweat – well done Maisie!

Your zero waste prize this week is a set of wooden hangers which should last a lifetime and will help your wardrobes to remain forever organised.

Who’s up for the Get off your Arse challenge today? I’ll be packing up the black plastic PET containers I’ve been saving for eons and posting them off to GHS. What will you be doing?

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