How to recycle small electronic devises and WEEE with Recycle Now’s Regeneration Game

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WEEE symbol for electric and electronic wasteSometimes something plops in your inbox that you are SO excited about, you simply can’t keep it to yourself any longer.

I was going to share about this new campaign next week, but my friends, I could not withhold the chance for you to have a little fun too.

Over in this article, we discuss, in length the importance of WEEE and how to responsibly dispose our Waste and electric and electronic goods. Basically, it is a legal requirement in the UK that anything with a battery or plug is disposed of properly and not put into landfill. Any items that fits this description comes with a crossed out wheelie bin somewhere on the item or packaging.
Booooring, right? Well now there is a way for you to inject a little fun into your WEEE. (This reminds me of Little Miss Green who yearns to be a boy so that she can have a willy!)

Recycle WEEE

There is a new Recycle Now animation video highlighting the need to recycle small electronic devices. You can take a peek after you have read the article. <checks around to make sure everyone is paying attention>.

But its spring and the sun is shining, so school’s out already and it’s time for you to play a game.

The regeneration game!

regeneration-game-by-recycle-nowThe fun, interactive ‘Regeneration Game’  features a Larry Grayson style conveyor belt covered with regular household items; including a cuddly toy. After typing in your postcode, you are asked to memorise where you can recycle what – either in your kerbside collection or at your nearest recycling facility.

I learned something new! I can recycle shampoo bottles and household cleaner bottles just 3 miles up the road. Yay!

After that you’re given 12 items to drag and drop into the right place – can you recycle them at home, at your nearest recycle centre or do they have to go in the bin?

How did you score?

Play the game and let me know your score! I had 10 out of 12, after I figured out that the green wheelie bin wasn’t in fact, the garden waste bin that I have at home; it was a generic bin for kerbside collections LOL! You can even tweet your score from the site! (Be warned though; at the moment I can’t access the Regeneration Game in Firefox, only in IE).

Don’t bin it, bring it

If you’re far more grown up than me and you want a quick, easy answer to your disposing dilemma, then by using the Don’t Bin It, Bring It site, you can get direct access to disposal of WEEE in your area.

From fluorescent lightbulbs to freezers and TVs, you’ll be able to find out where to take them locally for responsible disposal and recycling.

Printer v’s Bin

Finally, here’s the short film I promised you. If you enjoy a good shoot ’em up with thrilling car bin chase scenes and the old tradition of good v’s evil, then sit back and relax for a minute:

Printer Vs Bin from RecycleNow on Vimeo.

For our friends across the pond; do you have a similar resource that we need to know about?


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I am a long time supporter of the Green and Sustainable lifestyle. After being caught in the Boscastle floods in 2004, our family begun a journey to respect and promote the importance of Earth's fragile ecosystem, that focussed on reducing waste. Inspired by the beauty and resourcefulness of this wonderful planet, I have published numerous magazine articles on green issues and the author of four books.

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  1. I got 13/14 the one I got wrong was plastic drinks bottles which I know I can recycle at home, but according to the site I can’t.

  2. John Costigane says:

    Hi Mrs Green,

    Thanks for tip about the green bin, usually for garden waste only here.

    I scored 15/15

  3. John Costigane says:

    Hi Again,

    It is not all good news since aluminium foil cannot be recycled in most Scottish counties, including Renfrewshire.

    Liz at Wrap said that councils need not take plastic stuff for recycling until there is a use for it. This seems like a good excuse for doing nothing. That kind of attitude makes the Zero Waste trend all the more essential.

  4. That video is hilarious! And I wish we had such a fun, interactive way of finding out where to put recyclables in BC.

  5. Carole Blake says:

    15/15 eventually, after a web glitch where the little cloud with the items which were labelled toilet roll inners or something, didn’t actually have any picture of toilet roll inners and so I couldn’t drag it over. Had to reload the page!


  6. Dormouse says:

    12/13 which like Maisie was due to putting textiles in recycle at home (which we can) but the game wanted me to take to Sainsburys! Fun item but didn’t have all that we can recycle as it omitted glass,aluminium foil and batteries for a start.

  7. Poppy says:

    Oh dear! I found myself arguing with the computer screen!

    The only thing I would have put in the bin, was the crips packet. Depending on the condition of him, Teddy could have had a new life with someone else via the charity shop or kept either mine or another dog company until he really was only fit for landfill. Crisp tubes I would either use for storage or cut the base off to go with metals and the tube with the cardboard, the only landfill may be the plastic lid, but even those have their uses. PLUS of course, cardboard recycling will be available kerbside 🙂

    The broken cup (as John advised me), could be used for drainage in potplants etc, but we currently have 2 that are being used by Master J as water pots for painting sessions.

    Good fun though! Thank you Mrs G :}

  8. John Costigane says:

    @Poppy: Poppy, you are absolutely right to point out the incompleteness of the game. There were no reuse options and recycling was basic only.

    This would suit Joe Public who is mostly a complete novice. So getting 15/15 is ok but not the whole story.

  9. Carole Blake says:

    @John Costigane: That last comment is completely true John. I would have sent teddy off to the charity shop as already mentioned, or re-used his stuffing for something else!
    Also re-using the china for drainage is exactly what I thought of as I was driving to work this morning, I’d need safety goggles and a big hammer tho, lol.

    I was wincing with each item I was dragging off to the landfill bit.


  10. MrsJ says:

    I got 13 out of 13. We wanted to know why I couldn’t wash the nappy lol and freecycle the teddy bear. I don’t know why it told me to use Tescos either as that’s further than morrisons that recycle the same and more. Good fun though.

  11. John Costigane says:

    @Carole Blake: Carole, I was the same, putting stuff in the landfill bin is such a pain. After 5 years, I will finally overcome my aversion and put a bag in it for emptying. I still have plenty of time to prepare.

  12. Mrs Green says:

    😀 well done everyone; glad you all took part and had a go. Thanks for sharing about your experiences. I’ve passed on your comments to the relevant people as it’s very important that ‘real people’ share their thoughts and point out any errors with the system.

  13. DIz says:

    I got 14/15, as I, too would have (and do) pulled the crisps tube apart and recycled. A reuse bag – eg a carrier marked Charity – would be a useful addition to the game. As someone with not very good eyesight, I found the pictures in the cloud and the written descriptions too small to see easily.

  14. Mrs Green says:

    A charity bag would be a great idea, Diz. I believe Recycle Now will be along to read any comments and suggestions, so keep them coming.

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