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Ooffoo - an eco online communityOk, I’m unashamedly doing a plug here for one of my favourite companies. I’m a H-U-G-E fan of Natural Collection. There is so much Green Washing going on out there that’s it’s difficult to know who you can trust in the retail and services world.

Natural Collection are ‘The Man‘ as far as I’m concerned, for all your ethical retail therapy needs. Years of love, energy and altruism have gone into running Natural Collection over the past 10 years and they’ve picked up the Observer’s Ethical Award for an astonishing three years in a row. (Which proves it isn’t just me blabbing on as usual).

I’ll be talking more about Natural collection in a later post, but today I want to bring your attention to something else. You see Natural Collection have had a baby. They’ve grown a new shoot on their tree of love and they’ve named their love child Ooffoo.

Ooffoo – a name a little like mould on a piece of cheese; it grows on you. I was asked ‘What does ooffoo mean to you’ and I responded in my rather forthright manner with ‘Absolutely nothing; it’s like the name Google, which means jack shit, but it’s such a terrible name that I never forget it.’


Mr Green, however, being a bit more ‘switched on’ in the land of technical jargon and not generally given to answering in such foul language informs me that 00ff00 is the html code for the colour green. Aha! Now things are beginning to fall into place. Dark green or light green, nobody’s cares, just so long as you go there and wear any shade of green you can without guilt, hassle or pressure.

So what is Ooffoo all about?

Launched at the beginning of November, Ooffoo aims to become a united community of people who share a positive vision for the benefit of all. The gorgeous people behind Ooffoo (namely Julian and Jo and a dedicated team of other equally gorgeous people) understand that our collective actions have a massive impact on the evolution of our world. As you know, this is something we endorse here in big bunny-dancing, butt-shaking happy-dancing style at Chez Green too. happy dance

You can visit Ooffoo to share your ideas on sustainable thinking with people of a like mind. You can write articles, poems, share recipes, tips, comment on other people’s ramblings and if you want to write about waste, then feel free to use the myzerowaste tag for your articles so that they gather the biggest tag cloud in the Universe and we can all work together to spread the message about rubbish and the landfill!

If you’re a green business (I know we have some eco business folk keeping up with our site), then Ooffoo is a great platform to advertise yourself on, with low priced classified listings and FREE listings for sole traders under the VAT threshold. You’ll be talking to a dedicated eco audience so it’s a great place to show and tell your wares.

If you’re an eBay lover, then I have even better news! Join up to Ooffoo and you’ll find it FREE to swap, sell, give away and recycle. No more listing fees – hurrah! Do you make crafts and sell them through schemes like Folksy or Etsy? You can sell them through Ooffoo free of commission or charges. If you’re getting a little stressed about the carrying’s on in your local Freecycle group, then give Ooffoo a whirl – just think, no more inboxes full of OFFERs and WANTEDs – phew!

Like a LETs scheme on steroids, you’ll be able to share resources, equipment, and even land I should think with other folk in your area.

Planning a local event? Shout it from the roof tops on Ooffoo – yep, you’ve guessed it; all for free.

So think of all the cool things in life, put them in one place and you’ve got yourself Ooffoo. It’s a big green gathering at its best.

It’s gonna be big; trust me – I can feel it in my water. It’s going to green up the world and make all the people and the little furry creatures on the land happy. There will be bread and jam for everyone. You heard it here first, so jump in now while the community is fresh and young to keep up with all the latest activity. A community is not a community without you……

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I am a long time supporter of the Green and Sustainable lifestyle. After being caught in the Boscastle floods in 2004, our family begun a journey to respect and promote the importance of Earth's fragile ecosystem, that focussed on reducing waste. Inspired by the beauty and resourcefulness of this wonderful planet, I have published numerous magazine articles on green issues and the author of four books.

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  1. ooooo…. I shall have to wander over for a lookie then….

  2. James says:

    Couldn’t agree more – Natural Collection are really pushing the envelope for the Ethical and Organic markets – some fabulous clothes, although I think those from Adili are even better (see them at!). But the breadth and depth of the ranges at Natural Collection is awesome. Shameless plug – is a NEW price comparison site for green products – compare and contrast products and pricing for Natural collection, Ethical superstore, Biome Lifestyle, Nigels Eco Store and Big Green Smile

  3. maisie says:

    I knew this was coming, just hadn’t had the email saying it wasup and running.

    I use Natural Collection alot as well for bits and pieces for both the house and for gifts.

  4. shameless plug–indeed! shame less, you, english folk have taken the shame out of eco-living and here you are, helping the good guys to succeed again..thanks.
    i had been looking for an alternative to e-bay..etc
    i’m off to Ooffoo. green nut in america

  5. Mrs Green says:

    It might be a good place for you to advertise, Sarah 😉

    Welcome to the site, James and thanks for telling us about your latest ventures. Best of luck with it; the idea behind it sounds intriguing and I’m sure you’ll create a lot of interest.

    Maisie, funny how the mail never found you 🙁 Never mind, at least you know how.

    Hi Nadine; it’s always a delight to read your comments. I hope Ooffoo develops lots of interest across the pond and can be a good place for you to sell things.

  6. Al says:

    Hahaha love the title of your post Mrs G!

    Many thanks for this wonderful review…

    We are really excited about ooffoo as you can imagine and hope you all love it.

    Do give your feedback when you are on the site … would love to know what you all think when using ooffoo.

    Namaste to you all

    al -at] naturalcollection -dot] com

  7. Al says:

    And sorry but I forgot to say thanks to you both James & Maisie for your very kind words and support thus far. Maisie, you should have received an email over the weekend I hope…let me know.



  8. Mrs Green says:

    Hey Al,
    Great to see you and I’m glad you like the review 😀 I’d love to hear what people think of Ooffoo too; all new ventures need feedback otherwise we can’t improve or tweak things…..

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