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apple crumbles and roasted seedsPoor Little Miss Green; she’s been so ill for the past few days. I remember finding the sound of my Mum doing housework very comforting when I was poorly. Little Miss Green’s request was to curl up on the sofa under a duvet and watch me in the kitchen.

Which meant, I had to find things in the kitchen to do. Hmmmmm.

I cooked up several kilos of apples from our tree, made more apple crumbles for the freezer, roasted a batch of seeds for nibbling on, made some soup and stripped a chicken from its carcass.

All the while, she glanced at me through big puffy red eyes while her skin became paler. Eventually she fell asleep along with the cat who had stoically munched her way through about 1/3 of the chicken.

For all my kitchen righteousness, there is a tale of woe to add. As we’ve spoken about before, convenience tends to get in the way of best laid landfill-reducing plans. I needed to go to the shop, Little Miss green was in my arms too tired to walk so I just grabbed stuff as I went around – packaged cheese, ham from the deli (sans my own reusable box because I’d left it in the car and didn’t have the heart to take her back out into the cold to get it), fresh herbs wrapped in plastic and I even bought a ready roasted chicken for the cat. I bought butter in foil because I couldn’t find the paper wrapped blocks and some pre-weighed grapes in a plastic bag.

When you have your arms full of child who wants to get back home to sleep, what else can you do?

As it happened, the chicken was not a bad buy because it was presented to me in, what looks like, a grease proof paper bag. If I had bought a raw chicken from a supermarket it would have undoubtedly come on a plastic tray and been shrink wrapped and I wasn’t about to drag LMG to the butchers as well as the other shop.

Next week’s weigh in should be spectacularly disgraceful after that shopping trip, but this week’s more than makes up for it you’ll be pleased to hear. I had a choice and my focus was on Little Miss Green’s comfort; which I don’t feel bad about. But it just goes to show that when we are focusing on other things it’s easy to create more waste and the price we pay for convenience weighs heavy in the landfill.

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I am a long time supporter of the Green and Sustainable lifestyle. After being caught in the Boscastle floods in 2004, our family begun a journey to respect and promote the importance of Earth's fragile ecosystem, that focussed on reducing waste. Inspired by the beauty and resourcefulness of this wonderful planet, I have published numerous magazine articles on green issues and the author of four books.

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  1. Sick kids trump everything here too Mrs G. Hope Little Miss G feels better soon.

  2. Does apple crumble travel really well in the post Mrs G? If so stick a stamp on one, you know where I live 😀 x Lots of love to LMG, hope she’s feeling better xxxx

  3. esther says:

    oo, poor little dear…is she better now? Anyway, I send her a huuuuge hug from a dutch lady living in France…that should do the trick! lol!

  4. Mrs Green says:

    Thanks ladies; she is better today – was well enough to take a trip out to Grandma’s this morning and play for an hour and a half. She’s in bed at 5:30pm though 😀
    And not eating; which is great for my food waste challenge LOL!
    I wonder how well apple crumble will travel, Mrs A – perhaps if I wrap it in bubble wrap, then seal it in a plastic clamshell and heat wrap it in a type 7 polymer of some sort it might arrive ok??!!
    A (((HUG))) from a Dutch lady living in France should be most well received – thank you Esther.

  5. Fabulous news Mrs G! Have a ((hug)) yourself from Derbyshire.

    BTW my fridge finally got cleaned today, and I’ve started a Pod on Morsbags – under the name Ethics Trading and based in Chesterfield, but I’ve been making a bag a day this week to use as Christmas wrapping!

  6. Oh, congrats on getting to the fridge, Sarah! lol

    I hope LMG is back to 100% soon.

  7. Mrs Green says:

    Why thank you, Sarah – very timely as I think I have now caught the lurgy myself 🙁
    Well done on the fridge and setting up a Pod is awesome. A bag a DAY; my gawd woman; I always knew you were pretty fantastic, but this is just amazing. Your Christmas wrapping is going to be very cool.

    Thank you Kristen – she is, as anticipated, jumping around and arguing with me; which is an erm, ‘good’ sign 😀

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