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Good morning lovely people; I hope you are well today. I’m enjoying having the house to myself before everyone else gets up. Even the cat has gone back to bed after waking me at silly o’clock.

We’re looking forward to our zero waste weekend. As you know, I don’t normally write on Saturdays, but I’ll be doing a couple of updates just for our special week of celebrations.

I’m not foreseeing any problems. Mr Green and I managed to get some weekend supplies in our local shops with no problems. Little Miss Green has suddenly developed a coleslaw craving though, and I have to admit that this is usually a place in which I buy something in a small plastic pot that gets thrown in the bin. Although in recent times I kept them for refilling, so I suppose I could have given in to convenience.

Yes I know coleslaw is one of the simplest things to make and costs a fraction of the price, but here’s the deal; I just don’t enjoy grating. I usually end up grating a knuckle or two and grating in a food processor is just such a faff when it comes to cleaning everything afterwards.curry night again for a zero waste meal

However, I shall rise to the occasion, watch my fingers near the edge of the grater rather than get distracted by the cat reaching up the cupboard for a lick of mayonnaise and see what I can do.

Mr Green wants a big celebratory Sunday lunch to finish off our week, and I’ve got some plans for a zero waste pudding; nothing like his creation yesterday, you’ll be relieved to hear. This one will look much more appetising if things go according to plan.

Last night I excelled myself in the kitchen with the hundredth curry this week for Mr Green. Have you known a person with a curry appetite like he has? As any naan or poppadums fan will know, getting those in recyclable wrap or purchasing naked is pretty near impossible. I didn’t think about trying to make my own until around 5pm, so I needed to try something without yeast.

I came across a recipe for parathas; which is a flatbread made from wholewheat flour and they were amazingly good! I didn’t think to stuff them, which I learned afterwards you can do – I sprinkled ground coriander into the mix and he ate them as an accompaniment to his meal. Little Miss Green tried one and gave it a 10 1/2 out of 12.

Her favourite number is three, and any multiples thereof, which is why scores are given out of 12 in her world. Plain boiled rice got a 12 – go figure……….

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