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Yes it’s remarkable in the truest sense of the word.

Some of you might have seen the bright, funky offerings from the Remarkable company. They specialise in recycling UK waste and making it into exciting, fun and innovative stationary products.

With slogans that shoot from the hip such as ‘I used to be a car tyre’ written on a pencil case or ‘I used to be a juice carton’ on the front of a notebook, how could I resist?

I’ve been test driving their A4 spiral bound notebook. Mine is a gorgeous pink because I like gorgeous pink things. But they are also available in manly shades of blue, black, green and natural.

The notebook contains 70 pages of feint ruled recycled paper, which is made from pre used office paper collected in the UK.

Remarkable was born in 1996 when Edward Douglas Miller began looking at everyday throwaway items with a view to reusing them. His first product was a pencil made from plastic cups. Over 3.5 million plastic cups are collected for recycling every week in the UK.

His aim was to create products that had a long second life. Think plastic cup with coffee in it – 10 minutes at most? Think pencil – a good few months.

Horrah for Edward!

Anyway, back to my lovely pink recycled notebook. The paper is amazing. You know how a lot of recycled paper is gritty and very thin? Well Mr Miller and his team have excelled themselves with a high quality product. The paper is thick and lovely quality. Felt pens don’t show through to the other side and pencils don’t leave too much of an indentation. And true to their word, the paper is collected from UK businesses so it has low transportation costs.

The notebook takes a lot of wear and tear; I tend to take them everywhere with me, so this has really stood the test of time. I often write in the kitchen, so any paper I use is in danger of getting wet. This remarkable notebook has held itself together come rain or shine and through a couple of baths too.

In addition, the cover is still firmly in place, without too many dog ears and, most importantly, the spirals are good. How annoying is it when the spiral binding starts to unwrap itself, stopping you from turning the pages?

All in all, I think these notebooks are excellent. They cost between £3.75 and £4.50 depending on the retailer. You can buy them online from Natural Collection or Ethical Superstore. You can also buy them instore from selected Tescos, John Lewis, Rymans, New Look (yes, I said New Look, as in the clothing store) and WHSmith.

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