Why should I recycle?

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why recycle

Is recycling a new thing for you, are you unsure what it’s all about?

Read our short FAQ on recycling for beginners here. Find out why you should recycle, how to start recycling and some other leading questions that you may have. Once you have read our FAQ take a look a the other resources on the website to help you with more details.

Why should I recycle?
Because if you throw something away, it is no longer useful, it ends up in landfill, incinerated, or in some other way contaminating the environment. If you recycle something, it can be recovered and become material for a new product, plus it does not go to into the waste stream.

Why is it important to recycle?
Because there is a real global problem with too much waste being produced by human beings. As a species we produce so much synthetic waste that we are literally running out of space to bury it, or dispose of it in other ways without contaminating the environment.

Is it really worth recycling?
Absolutely. There is also a benefit to business and industry. The cost of recovering raw materials from existing waste items is far less than the original manufacturing process costs. There is a benefit to the environment. Using recycled materials reduces the destructive extraction processes and energy required to obtain raw materials.

Does all this really affect home waste?
Yes, between 60% and 75% of all home synthetic waste can be usefully recycled, providing all the benefits as detailed above. The more people that engage in home recycling the more resources are available for reusing these materials for new manufacturing, plus lessening the load on waste disposal.

I pay council tax towards waste collection, so why should I care?
You pay national insurance for health care, but you wouldn’t jeopardize your health! It’s the same idea, we need to realise that caring for the environment is our personal responsibility, in the same way as preserving our own health and safety.

Recycling is too much effort, can’t I just opt out?
Many people think this and assume that recycling is just for ‘green fanatics’ However, there is now overwhelming research and evidence that demonstrate the problems of synthetic waste and environmental contamination is very real and threatening our health, weather patterns and planetary eco-systems.

Isn’t this just scare mongering?
No, it’s a genuine concern amongst scientists that waste contamination and its bi-products contributes to global warming, climate change that affect wildlife and crops. Plus it produces dangerous imbalances in natural eco-systems.

How do I know my recycling is being used properly?
Why not ask the Recycling Officer at your Local Council how the collected materials are recycled? They should be able to tell you what their recycling policies are how to find out more about what materials are used for.

Why should I do something now about recycling?
Because the biggest most powerful changes lie in the habits and attitudes of ordinary people. Becoming environmentally aware and responsible is no longer an option for the few. If we want to save our world from an environmental catastrophe we must all act now and together. This is the only way to send a clear message to politicians and decision makers that we need change.

How do I start recycling at home?
Start by doing what’s easy and simple. You don’t have to be an expert over night. The first step is to start realising that there is ‘no such place as away’ so when you ‘throw something away’ it just goes some place else, for someone else to deal with or most likely becomes a contamination in the environment.

What are the basics to recycling?
Start by finding out what recycling items can be collected from the kerbside by your local council. If they provide a box or bin, start using this to recycle these items at home.

What about getting the details right?
Most local councils provide printed information or websites that detail what you can recycle and how to separate items so that there is no contamination. Some plastics need to be separated, such as milk bottle tops.

Will recycling at home cost me anything?
Recycling at home does not need to cost any money. It will cost you some time, because you usually need to wash, separate and store items for recycling collection. It may also cost something in transporting items to a drop centre (collection bank) if you don’t get kerbside collections.

This all seems very simple, is it enough?
Imagine if everyone did this throughout the country! it would reduce landfill waste contamination by a huge amount. Everyone’s small efforts make a vast collective difference. Please remember, you small contribution to recycling is very important.

I just don’t have time for this, isn’t there a simple option?
Yes, just do something to reduce your landfil waste. Even one small action every day, like using your own cup at work reduces polystyrene waste. Muliply this by several thousand and it becomes significant. Start small, but don’t opt out completely. Every action counts!

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  1. baby girl says:

    we should always recycle, to keep this world clean and safe. We need to protect the inviroment. We need this world for our kids to live in it. We all want to live for a long time and need this worl to live in it. So, why not take care of it always recycle and keep it clean, do the right thing it’s what smart people do.

  2. Mrs Green says:

    Hello Baby Girl, welcome to the site and thank you for leaving such a great comment. We agree with you which is why we are doing our bit and hopefully helping other people to do the same. Glad you share some of our values!

  3. Emily Cohenour says:

    I’m currently working on a pursuasive speech for my speech class and I chose “Why the world should recyle.” as my topic. I was very pleased with the information from your page and I hope my classmates take my speech very seriously

  4. Poppy says:

    @Emily Cohenour:

    Good Luck with your speech Emily. Come back and let us know how you got on 🙂

  5. Mrs Green says:

    @Emily Cohenour: Hi Emily; we’re so happy to see you hear and thank you for sharing about your speech. Will this be recorded in any way? We would love to hear / see it and perhaps share it on our site. Anyway, good luck and I’m sure your classmates will love it. What age group are they?

  6. lee haskell says:

    I’m conflicted because I want to recycle but mt trash service charges me an extra $24 a year to pick it up from my curb. I can take it to a large collection site but that’s many miles away and my little car can’t handle the dirty bumpy road that I have to manuver around to get to the plastics & cans area. Wy am I being penalized financially because I want to do the right thing?! Heck, my trash service should CREDIT me financially for recycling! I think that more than anything will encourage residents to recycle en masse.

  7. polythenepam says:

    Refuse before recycle – try boycotting plastic when you will find that all your bins are so much emptier x

  8. paul says:

    Whilst I have been recycling for many years our local councils have now taken steps to charge for green waste to be taken away. They’ve also got into an ‘OCD’ in the bins department. We now have 5 bins which need places to live. I spend months cleaning, crushing, separating and don’t drive to the recycling centres but know a lot of people who do and they spend approx £150 per year on fuel.

    Other stupid recycling idea’s include separating the glass from the plastic and paper when I’ve already spent MY TIME and effort doing so. What happened to banning plastic bags? Why doesn’t each government ban plastic bottles, food celophane and food cartons that take 100+years to degrade. Who am I sucking up to?

    I think what should be happening is that the local councils should supply a 500L bin for pretty much anything and households making more rubbish than what goes in the bin gets a fine. I think in fact the councils should be recycling in their own and not my time at one of those so called centres and give me back my garden from the plastic daleks.

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