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That’s the problem and we have been doing it and ignoring the results for so long that the earth has had enough and can’t cope any longer.

No more contamination, no more space to dump and forget, no more time to get our act together. The time for realisation and action is here… today and it starts with you and me.

My zero waste is now an obligation and not a choice. If we ignore this, we will tip the balance of the earth’s ability to absorb and reconstitute our global waste.

Already we see serious and unmistakable signs that environmental pollution is destroying our planet. We see many species of animals and plants being suffocated and destroyed because the environment is polluted. It’s affecting our own vital food chain. We see weather and earth signs that signify major atmosphere and climate changes that threaten our very existence.

What we have buried and covered up in years gone past is still lurking deep in the ground an oceans leaking chemicals and destroying the natural ecological balance and mechanisms of life.

We can’t ignore these signs any longer.

My zero waste is about us, the ordinary people that inhabit this planet taking a stand, making a choice to become responsible on a personal and committed basis to reduce our waste and contamination of our planet.

It’s true that in the ones and twos, we can make no significant difference, but the masses have to start somewhere. We all have to make a personal choice to become part of the critical mass that together can make a difference.

Zero waste IS possible, many people are already doing just that. From conscious purchasing choices to responsible and creative ways to reduce waste, we can all make a significant contribution to lessening the burden on the landfill.

Read our pages, join us in the zero waste challenge. Even a for a week! It will make a difference and you will find out that it is possible.

Think of the children that are growing up today. What will the world be like for them tomorrow? If all this doesn’t matter to you, then at least consider the children, their world and help them to make better choices.

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  1. Pure Mothers says:

    I am so on board with you! We need to use our buying power to steer away from plastic – especially disposable plastic, as a start. Companies need to step up and create alternatives.

    I am re-reading Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” and feel a bit down on what we can actually do. There are so many chemicals pervading our environment on a daily basis, it is so overwhelming.

    So glad I found your site! Keep up the good work!

  2. Mrs Green says:

    @Pure Mothers: Hi Pure Mothers; it is so nice to have you here, sharing your views on the site. I think I first ‘found’ you on Twitter 🙂

    I know what you mean about overwhelm. If you wade through some of the archives, you will find some of my ‘what’s the point’ moments; but as the lovely readers here are quick to tell me; we all have those sorts of days and that’s ok – we just need to make sure we pick ourselves up and continue with spreading the message. We’re only human and it’s the fact we care so much that makes things hurt.

    I hope you’ll visit us again and I’ll be along to participate in your site too 🙂

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