How I’m saying ‘I love you’ to the environment this Valentine’s Day

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earthbits natural beauty productsYou might remember from previous posts that my husband and I don’t ‘do’ Valentine’s Day.

We say ‘I love you’ every day – ahhhhhhh!

However, this year I’ve been thinking about making a pledge to the environment. Something small, something achievable and something impactful that I can do to reduce my waste footprint.

After all, I’ve been on this journey since 2004, and it’s good to check progress, look at where old habits may have crept back in (hello disposable kitchen towel) and to see where new improvements can be made.

And I’ve got just the thing.

This has been terrifying me for years.

I’ve resisted it, made all sorts of excuses and now a husband and wife team are holding me accountable!

Jason and Fran have launched an eco-friendly store called ‘EarthBits‘. And boy can you get lost in the pages of their site. They have everything from reusable bottles and beeswax wraps to adorable washable kitchen roll (oh go on then) and safety razors.

Yep, I said safety razors and this is where I’m taking fear by the hand and I’m going in!

You see, I’ve had in my mind a scene from a thriller with rivers of blood rushing down my legs and bathwater turning red.  So over the years I’ve turned a blind eye and every time a journalist asks what’s in my bin I mutter something about spent razor blades and not being prepared to unleash my inner cave woman on the world.

But I see so many people on my Facebook Group talking about safety razors (seemingly with none of the ill effects that my over-active imagination has come up with!) that when Fran and Jason invited me to try one, I guess I had to say yes.


earthbits natural beauty products


So, like people give up plastic for David Attenborough, I’m switching to a safety razor for Mother Nature!

As well as offering products that help reduce waste, Jason and Fran regularly share helpful information on their blog such as guides to a plastic free period, how to use shampoo bars and even how to enjoy a waste free festival. But they’ve got me covered with their guide on how to use a safety razor – see, they really are there to convince me! I’m promised that I will not shred my legs and that rubbing the blade against my jeans is a great way to keep the blade in tip top condition – who knew!

True to their word, my amazing parcel from EarthBits was easy on my conscience. They say “All our packaging is plastic-free and completely recyclable, and we make sure that all our products are not just environmentally friendly, but they are also durable and high quality, to avoid unnecessary waste whenever possible.” Isn’t that great?

earthbits cleansing with clay


As well as the razor I’ve treated myself to other goodies, such as a selection of plastic free dishwashing brushes (I did once have a go at growing a luffa which I must do again this year) and scrubbies for the kitchen (you have to be a zero waste hero to find that exciting, I’ll grant you!), some make up which I’m really looking forward to trying, as well as some toiletries essentials such as a konjac sponge (I’ve been wanting to try one of these for years) and facial rounds, which I’ll use in the shower to wash my face.

If you’ve made the switch to a safety razor I’d love to hear about your experiences. Was it hard to get used to, or did you wish you’d made the change years ago?

And what small change could you make for the environment this Valentine’s Day?

earthits safety razor and blades

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