Worried about single-use plastic? Then Dive In and Do It with Sky Ocean Rescue!

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dive in and do it with sky ocean rescue - logey the turtleOver on Twitter, I shared a link to a newspaper article in which Brussels had challenged Michael Gove to outdo it in an environmental ‘race to the top’ by proposing a ban on plastic balloon sticks, plates, cutlery, straws and cotton buds.

Ellen, who describes herself as “Bachelor of Primary Teaching undergrad from University of Newcastle”, responded with her observations of how children have a naturally competitive nature, which could be utilised to set up a waste reduction a race amongst schools.

Isn’t that a great idea!?

Children are inherently curious and many of them are naturally drawn to caring for, or protecting, animals. Which makes combining environmental issues with their impact on wildlife is a winner.

In response to the issues of single-use plastics, Sky launched “Dive In and Do It” on May 28th; a 12 episode series introducing children to some of the problems plastics can cause for our oceans and sea creatures.  Presented by Ynez, a 9 year old and the adorable animated Turtle, Logey – each episode suggests tips and ideas for children to dive in and reduce their use of single-use plastics.

The message is that if we all make small steps, it adds up to make a big difference.

I’ve seen a sneak peek and it looks lively and fun, without being preachy or all doom and gloom. The tips are actionable and ones your children will feel good about. It’s easy to become overwhelmed when you look at the issues of plastics, but children have a wonderful way of staying upbeat and positive. And this series backs up that upbeat message.

If your children are begging for some screen time during half term, why not tune into Dive In and Do It? You’ll meet Plasticus, a giant whale made of plastic recovered from beaches. You’ll be inspired to decorate your own bottle to refill. You’ll discover the best alternative to a plastic straw. And you’ll be shown how to make your own reusable bag from an old t-shirt!

“Dive In and Do It” is available across all Sky platforms including Q, +, Kids App, Go & NOW TV.

dive in and do it with sky ocean rescue - logey the turtle

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