Here’s how to buy plastic free soapnuts in compostable / biodegradable packaging!

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plastic free soapnuts from natural spa suppliesIn case you haven’t heard of them, soapnuts are a revolutionary cleaning agent that grow on trees!

They’re actually a dried fruit shells which contain a natural soap, thanks to their saponin levels. Saponin is released when the soapnuts come into contact with warm water. 

Soapnuts work in a similar way to the surfactants in chemical detergents – by freeing dirt and grime from clothes and keeping it in suspension until the water is drained away.

You can use them several times and when every last sud has been taken from them, they’ll biodegrade on your compost heap.

If you’re concerned about ingredients in conventional cleaning products such as phosphates, SLS, artificial fragrances or palm oil, then soapnuts tick all the boxes. They’re fantastic for sensitive skin too as there are no nasties in them.

And they’re not just limited to clothes.

Soapnuts will clean dishes, windows, vehicles, your kitchen work surfaces, shower screens and even your skin and hair! Not only that, but your dog can be washed in soapnuts to leave their coat glossy and free from ticks and lice.

Up until now, soapnuts have ticked all the boxes for me, except the packaging. Every brand I’ve found has come in plastic which I’m forced to throw in the bin.

But not any longer!

Sally at Natural Spa Supplies is now selling her soapnuts in European grown non-GM cornstarch packaging which, just like the soapnuts, will break down safely on your compost heap.

And these soapnuts are completely traceable. They are grown organically in Bangladesh and transported via ship to reduce air miles. Only the natural ripened windfall fruits are collected using traditional gathering techniques and then the seed and fruit pulp is removed by women. The fruit cases are then sun dried.

I can’t tell you how amazing it is to order something and know it will arrive in the post without leaving you something horrible for landfill. My soapnuts came in a biodegradable padded envelope (which I’ve opened carefully and will reuse). Sally is so thoughtful with the smallest of details and even uses fully biodegradable packing tape as well as a metal paperclip. Not a piece of plastic in sight!

Check out some of Sally’s brilliant videos where you’ll find out how to use soapnuts. She even encouraged me to use soapnuts and seaweed on my hair. I can’t begin to tell you how amazingly soft and shiny my hair was. I have incredibly hard water, but this was miraculous!

What about you – do you use soapnuts? What sort of packaging do they come in?

compostable biodegradable plastic free soapnuts from natural spa supplies

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  1. How have I not seen these before?! They look great!

    • Mrs Green says:

      Hi Helen, the packaging is new, so I’m not surprised you’ve not found them before. Sally has been selling them in alternative packaging for years, but has now found fully biodegradable, which is a wonderful achievement!

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